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October 1st, 2012
Awww..Kaidou is so sweet...I want a Kaidou too! =X
September 16th, 2012
Hi there!! It's been a while since I last commented >.< *shot*

But this page was made of all sorts of awesome! Simply loved it =D

With them lying together, Taisuke wrapping his wings around Hiro, Hiro's lovely slping face, Taisuke's jealousy...It's simply filled with =D
=O Game!!! Yay! Thank you ^-^

It's so gonna be on my 'To-do' list after my exam this fri >.<
Say yes! =X

Somehow I have this obsession with this antagonist of yours! Kinda glad to hear that he wasn't an all-out villain kind of guy =D
August 5th, 2012
Awww...*glomps Aki and Kaidou too*
Why do I have the feeling Reiji feels something for Aria? =X
Welcome back!! =D *showers you with candies and confetti!*

The new banner..I love the colours and the wings =X

Awww...Taisuke let go, and I wanted to see him hold Hiro for a longer time =X Hehehe...Can't wait to see how this unfolds =D
August 5th, 2012
You must be hungry eating the "Next" button again... >.<

Comecome...I'll try bribing you with more chocs and cakes xD Wahahaha
=O They had a r/s!
>.< What would Arin think when he finds out...I'm really looking forward to more revelations in the plot. =D

I was hooked to your comic before...Now I think I'm addicted.. >.<
Wahaha...he actually said that with sparkles xD
Is he really a bad guy?
I simply can't picture him as one >.<
August 4th, 2012
I think someone just ate the 'next' button...Nooooo!!! >.<

Hahaha...but yea, the BIG talk is finally here..Can't wait =D
August 4th, 2012
Kaidou: "Ah, Aki, Pls come here...and sit on my lap" =D

Somehow I just added my own version to the last panel when I read it..Hohoho =X
It's FATE my dear Aki! <3
Haha..seeing that umbrella thing just made me giggle like a happy fangirl! x3
Not to mention Kaidou's indulgent smile here...Heh heh heh... <3

And, new banner =D Looks so nice!
Buuuu again! I'm blaming the misunderstanding on you, Kaidou! =X

But I still love you <3 I'm such a sucker for semes that love their ukes x3
Aki!!! >.< *hugs Aki*
@Crimson Chains: Buuu!! I wanna hit Kaidou on the head! =X

Don't say that about yourself! xD I'm sure you have more of a life than I do..I don't even know what I do, what my day just passes >.< Then when I look back and think, I realise "man...I haven't started doing all the important stuff!!" *shot*
>.< I think my heart would break if I was feeling what Aki would be feeling now >.<

On a sidenote: yay! I finally have enough time to comment on ur pages! =D
Actually, he doesn't seem all that bad =X I kinda like this guy =X