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Glad you're back dude, Hope everything is going well! =) <3
Fight me!
George is so cute when they say that.
Good Job
Now you've spooked him, and probably activated his trap card...
Forget a bike. They have scooters in there!
I like it... A vertical slash just like the chess piece!
Sil is unimpressed with your bull.
Blood loss... It's a killer! =3
Poor mini-boss. Today is not his day. =P
Also love love love this comic so far!
Poor Mouse... He'll works just as hard but doesn't evolve too.... :(
I just read all the posts to this point, and this comic is great.

Its magic ring of burning holes in paper!
Bartimaeus (Bartimaeus Trilogy)
Love this comic! Thank you for keeping it up!
@Tesfallout: OMG Tes it does have a face!
Salami is my new fav!
new guy
just read through your comic, guess now im caught up. your comic is E-P-I-C cant wait to see what happens next! =D
The look on Atty's face is awesome.
Two pages in and I'm already being quoted! =P
BOOM! Headshot!
the one sure fire way to kill a zombie... and most things...
*sad trumpet*
I... Almost... Ahhhh nope...
Abstract i agree best joke so far "nah hes a sissy!"