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Caldwell, you're an alchemist not a bard. Your Vicious Mockery does nothing.
Was wondering when you'd do this joke.
Because Science and Comic art.
Still asking how long they've been on the ship.
I would have thought Layla to do something different with her hair. I mean pigtails are great but not when you're flying in low gravity and have a glass bubble you need to breath with.

And if I can ask, how long have Layla and Trigger been traveling on the ship (There time not ours)? Layla has.....matured quite a bit since the first few pages. Or it could just be the art maturing but the question still stands.
Good Job
I have too many words I want to type. All good by the way.
That is Amazing.

I'm laughing up a storm and it's just the morning.

This is differently one of those "God has a huge sense of humor" moments.