I like sprite-comics, video games and making banners.
"What shop? Does it sell body parts?"
@Memoria Caelestie: Ah. I thought for a second that 'Mommy' was the actual mother of Ibele. If that was the case, I sure hope she wasn't that big as an infant...
Mommy? How did...nevermind, I'm not sure if I want to know.
The chair kinda looks like it has a face. With two round black eyes and a wide mouth.
Maybe Jasper just wanted a friend? So he took one?
Is her dad Professor Oak? If so, Oak's kind of an ass.
I need a memory-refresh...who's that again?
Ah crap. Now Jasper has one scarred eye and one missing eye! How will he see?
Wow, she really should get that breath checked out. I don't think it's healthy to exhale red smoke unless you're a dragon.
if you used BANG instead of BAM, it would have been perfect.
...are you hiding Dante's dead body back there?
Flip the entire base to make it a right-side up y.
Moving things? Ghosts? Ghoooooosts?
@lazesummerstone: They'll buy out your roach motel and sue you for stomping!
It's a business cockroach! Aaaaaaah!
Yeah, because we've read them more recently than older readers. Also, COLORWZ! SO PWEDDY!
It's been a long, enjoyable journey. That I admittedly wasn't a part of until recently.