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I like sprite-comics, video games and making banners.
Oh hey, been a while since we've seen her I think?
I want to see all of them.
I like to imagine a slurping sound on the last panel.
I love how casual Hawk is here. Especially with that tiny gun and the equally tiny pew pew.
It is time: spawn... the electric fan!
The model airplane club at school is getting really aggressive.
Aw! Look at her holding that envelope. I love her more every panel.
It's scientifically proven that the smaller a scientist's glasses is, the less trustworthy he is.
@TH3GADFLY: Does that mean poses that are weird as ass, or asses being in weird poses?

...probably both.
Hey buddy... you need a haircut? Some eyedrops? I think it'd do wonders for your dates.
She so tiny! I love tiny girls who wanna fight stuff!
Too much pink energy is dangerous!
Stay off drugs, and you too can have hips like these.

And have a mustache.
The angry space lizard Rudeley arrives to be rude and breathe fire.
Now drops The Legendary Boot. What does it do? Who knows!
Don't underestimate a punch from someone with a fist bigger than their torso.
Now a Boozeball Bat spawns in.
An asteroid made of delicious but very unhealthy chocolate flies into the ship, and promptly melts because its chocolate vs metal.
He'll be back in 500 pages with a hoodie that conceals his identity, and then another 200 pages later we get a splash page of him revealing his identity.