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I like sprite-comics, video games and making banners.
Congrats, horn man. You got yourself a stalker! :D
Zombie girl (forgot her name) is just happy to be there regardless.
"If you do a good job, I'll make my boob window bigger."
The arm should have been flipping him the bird.
I feel like Quinton's thought process in the last panel can be summed up with one word: "Shiet."
So seeing as she leaves her sword by her bed, I'm assuming she knows she in danger of being attacked. I wonder what exactly her profession is...
Oh man, is the Judge coming?

It's funny because you misspelled dread as Dredd, as in Judge Dredd.
Super Smash Bros, maybe? Peach has a buttslam attack.
Take your pills! They'll give you your daily dose of asskicking!
I want plushies of those. And Lone.
Ridiculous, but awesome.
So far she kinda sucks at this.
"I need help to find an appearance."
@Meloh: Enhanced by headspike!
Hippo's mouth looks like a mustache. Makes him look much fancier.
"I shall punish you with a headbutt."
Imma call him Steve.