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Likes: yaoi
Dislikes: you
Occupation: your face

...I'm not really this mean, ha ha. But I won't be putting much here-- probably just my comic for art class unless I start feeling really ambitious. Maa.
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New page size! I like it much better than before.
OMG almooooost theeeere.
Top panel, from left to right: Angela, Boss, Elena's Dad, Eugene. Praise be to Yevon that I don't have to draw them anymore for a long, long time.

(And Jay, you're totally gay. Nobody believes you when you say you like girls :P.)
Everyone's a little bit racist...
...but mostly it's Elena's dad. (The problem is that he and Eugene are basically hick versions of Dinesh XD.)

Sorry for the funky bubble at the top. You read it top-right-left, which should be clear enough? I hope.

I'm sorry, Steve. I apologize for what I've done to your face. First the nose, now the doofus-ness... At least you have pretty myopic boys who can't see how ugly you really are :P.
STOP! the name of love? Hammertime?

I'm excited, you guys. This chapter is almost over! So we can actually meet the front-cover guys from the beginning of this chapter... oops. Anyway.

Also, I maintain that who're is a perfectly legitimate contraction XD.
Welcome to Slice Four!
Yes, Mat is (understandably) gleeful at being able to get rid of Bourbon XD.
This page went by quickly because... Mat is fun XD. Next chapter, there will be lots and lots of cupcakes... oh ho ho.
I hate this page... but I'm sure you all know that. Better pages soon, I promise! :O
EDIT: Sorry about the tininess of the page! I think I might've double-shrunk it in my overzealousness, so it was like... 12.5 percent instead of 25 XD. Anyway, it's fixed now? Thanks for letting me know what was up :P.
In case you've forgotten (I certainly have!), that's Elena's dad. All these unimportant people should be wearing nametags.
A Boatload of Hookers?
@Elles: It makes sense to me :O of course. Did you miss the part where they've been mooning over one another for a year already? Ollie was creeped out by Marcy kissing him in chapter one, but now that he knows the guy didn't drug him or anything-- he was actually trying to save him-- Ollie's not upset about that anymore, he mostly just misses the awkward guy he has a crush on quite terribly. Ollie's forward in every other way-- why not romantically? He's been waiting for Marcy to put the moves on him for months, so he figures it's time to put the moves on the reaper for a change-- also, Ollie likes teasing him. Most of what you see on this page is Ollie teasing him... but that doesn't mean that Ollie isn't perfectly happy offering Marcy kisses, either.
In case you're not southern... bush-hogging probably isn't what you think it is XD. It's really extreme lawn mowing... then you don't really have a lawn so much as a field of weeds. You do it with a tractor (this reminds me of that one time, when me and my buddy Keith were talkin' 'bout what suckin' the heads means XD).

Small dialogue is small and unimportant-- if you can't read it, don't worry; it's just hick-y things XD.
Oh, you know who that is. That's not a cliffhanger :P.
Blah. Apparently Steve's 20 has disappeared. It's magical. Dialogue is being a ho-face lately, but thankfully that's all about to change... hurrah.
Ouch, Steve. You're not very good at this.
Don't worry, Elles, I feel more like drawing Jay and Steve frolicking on the beach and eating popsicles than them being emo... XD. Dialogue is being a problem on the next page, too, so we'll see if Steve actually follows through with his script --;;.
There's way too much text on this page... :O.
And yes, the way to Steve's heart is through his stomach <3.
What's going to happen exactly? :O
Yes, Mr. Ice Demon does look kind of like Hiei... but much gayer :P.

If you look closely, that's a tilde, not a r :P. Just because I've graduated doesn't mean I can't spell anymore!... most of the time :P. I need to find better fonts --;;.