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I'm a cat obsessed cartoonist that switches interests like crazy. While drawing cartoons is a constant hobby, the other interests tend to cycle.
Crazy death related stuff is also pretty interesting for me (shows like Dead Like Me and Final Destination are pretty great) so don't be surprised if any of the series I make have something relating to it somewhere.

Check out my Tumblr here!
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    Sarah (aka "Manny")
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@yaaboa: Thank you!
I actually had to get some help with that to figure it out
@GreyCorsola: Ah! Thank you so much ^u^
Man it's taking longer than they thought, huh
As promised, here is that summary, FINALLY. Right here in Google Docs! t?usp=sharing

This will also be the same link I use for any consecutive updates of it, and it SHOULD be updated on a monthly basis, barring any outside distractions
@Gamegod018: That gets explained in detail eventually ^u^
@Flareon1225: oh for sure, it's a hot world after all :D
It's time for LAVA SCENES
The masks included in the goggles are a recent development, maybe 20 years old, beforehand the cat in charge of inventory would have to have those (and other random gear) on hand
That world’s having a bad time isn’t it?

(Also yes, Patches’ timing was intentional.)
@Firelord6127: Earth/Toxic
You can manipulate dirt/rock/sand/etc (basically an Earthbender) but because of the Recessive Toxic, there's more intense backlash (that I haven't quite figured out quite yet but it definitely hurts way more to use)
Yeah sometimes you just power through an off feeling for work like…it might turn into something by the end of the shift or it might not. It’s fine!
Yeah, Stewie does have the classic tabby M on his fur, it’s just covered by that longer tuft of fur. If he slicked it back rather than letting it fall forward you would see it better
@SpazztastiKim: the 16:16:16 is just me liking 8s but "08:08:08" didn't feel late enough for the third universe in the first shift of a 96 hour day
Yeah Sandy can shoot frost from her hands, it’s tricky but she’s good at figuring things out
That's one way to warm up
Back to the Buffer Zone!
With a clock that they totally had this entire time, it's like the other few times we saw the cats they just happened to be in one of the older rooms where that nifty new clock wasn't installed just yet
Sandy your delivery needs a little work
Getting caught up in a monster fight has a habit of making you forget things, like hunger, or fear, or the fact that you’re Fire Dominant and you’re in an arctic world and OH RIGHT IT’S FREEZING EVERYTHING IS COLD
@JJic: Yeah, but like a mid-level one that's more of a shout of surprise, for example

(that and I couldn't think of anything that was better than "JESUS FUCK!" so that yowl's just substituting for it)