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I'm a cat obsessed cartoonist that switches interests like crazy. While drawing cartoons is a constant hobby, the other interests tend to cycle.
Crazy death related stuff is also pretty interesting for me (shows like Dead Like Me and Final Destination are pretty great) so don't be surprised if any of the series I make have something relating to it somewhere.

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    Sarah (aka "Manny")
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Heck yeah more action!
We made it to year 4!

Updates are gonna still be pretty sketchy this month so have this both to follow along with tradition and also hold you all over while I try and get myself together and get at least one more update in for this month
Yeah that doesn't look like he's taking it well
A special Launch Anniversary update cause Guardian Ghost is now SIX YEARS OLD!
Max and Dave fudge the truth a bit
This is the most serious I've seen Stewie this entire time
@WiispNightmare: Not at all :D
Oh yeah, Dave threw a remote at the TV.
....dang it's only been like 12 hours since the last chapter (at least in this bit of the flashback). Dang dude.
The bouncy ones that's...another way to put it
Time Dilation is hard to keep track of
Yeah he didn't have a major trauma experience or anything
Deep breaths, Patches
I always draw in the sand like that :D

(My birthday's on Friday! I'm gonna be 27! :D)
I like the possession scenes but maybe not in this context
Maybe I'll figure out some more lighthearted opportunities later

(It's me and my brother's birthday on Friday! We're edging even closer to being 30! YAY.)
Hey remember that time way back in CH7 when Dave was holding Max by the legs out a window?
Yeah he kinda left a mark
(Hope you guys had a good Christmas! :D)
Boy howdy I can't wait to see how Max and Dave deal with this lovely little situation they've got going on
@Typo1024: Her axe is still around so MAYBE? ouo
As is tradition for the end of a chapter (and also a good start to the New Year) I'm here to explain some more aspects of the Fighting Dreamers world!

(this also works nicely to fill out CH3's print book to make the page count even)
I dunno being gods for a civilization sounds pretty rad