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I'm a cat obsessed cartoonist that switches interests like crazy. While drawing cartoons is a constant hobby, the other interests tend to cycle.
Crazy death related stuff is also pretty interesting for me (shows like Dead Like Me and Final Destination are pretty great) so don't be surprised if any of the series I make have something relating to it somewhere.

Check out my Tumblr here!
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    Sarah (aka "Manny")
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September 16th, 2018
Oh dang I just caught up to this hour or so? Dang I archive binge fast.

Anyway I love this story and world so far! The color aura stuff's gonna take a bit to sink in and make sense but this is a pretty good way of explaining it :D
@Zoroark_illotionist: She gets better
Wow Flint. RUDE.

(Check out the next page on the Main Site here! )
@VadanDrumist: Basically that first thing, I want to eventually move to that site but for now I'm set with keeping these other mirrors an update behind
Oh, that's convenient!
THIS IS A TWO PAGE UPDATE be sure to click back if you haven't seen it already

Okay, so Max would be 22 now!

But more importantly, GG's still going to continue on as planned, just not in the same format you guys are used to. This way we can finish this story and get some closure!

Thanks so much for reading, and making Guardian Ghost what it is now, I sincerely appreciate each and every reader, and how patient you guys are! See you soon!

Spiderforest is a webcomic collective that's...kinda like Hiveworks but good with mirrors

Speaking of that, Fighting Dreamers DOES have a main site now, and it's an update ahead of what this site has, so if you guys want to check that out then here's the way there :D

Thanks again for reading ^u^
Well, that's unfortunate
@LittleMoons: (it's okay I draw my cats neutral as heck, there's more girls than guys in the cast too)
@LittleMoons: She's the best one to figure out compromises ^u^
Oh dang, Stewie actually won???
Stewie's a little too eager to see those scores!
@VadanDrumist: If I can fit them as background cats, maybe!
Man, I wish we had seen that universe!
@9rainbowtails: I LOVE THEM!!!!
They're so cute! :D

Dang Olivia dial it back a bit, Daisy's clearly uncomfortable

Legit though, a kitten with invincible toxins is terrifying.

Good thing Toxic Dominant/Invincible Recessive cats aren’t that common, just a bit more than Time Dominant cats
Something tells me the Head of Research isn't that hype about Ghost
Here's where I actually am at the con!

Space AC342