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I'm a cat obsessed cartoonist that switches interests like crazy. While drawing cartoons is a constant hobby, the other interests tend to cycle.
Crazy death related stuff is also pretty interesting for me (shows like Dead Like Me and Final Destination are pretty great) so don't be surprised if any of the series I make have something relating to it somewhere.

Check out my Tumblr here!
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    Sarah (aka "Manny")
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@WiispNightmare: I did skip a week last month so I guess this makes up for it ^u^
@VadanDrumist: Whoops that uh....that wasn't supposed to happen but I can roll with this outcome
Next week the main site will get TWO pages :D
That was quick!
Those suits can block MORTAL injuries, but incredibly quick stuff and the force of the attack itself? Not so much

I can think of at least 4 different memes with the last 3 panels
(First official page of the new year on the Main Site and it's one I've been wanting to draw out for YEARS, NICE)
Oh how the turned tables have turned-OH GOD WHAT
How the tables have turned!
Nice dodge!
@VadanDrumist: Strength Dominant, Light Recessive actually
You look like you're regretting your decisions there dude

(Misty my daughter you have NO CHILL)
Let the fight begin!
Yeah, kinda hard to keep score when the ENTIRE MONITOR IS RIPPED OFF THE WALL
@VadanDrumist: Off the clock they are, while jumping through Universes they rig the fins with blades
(it's based on the fact that their original form is an axolotl person, they're a cameo of a DnD character a friend has)
@VadanDrumist: Recessive Light actually
They only just figured out their light powers so any extreme strength makes their body light up like a glowstick :D
@WiispNightmare: PJB's the tiny pink one :D
Next Page here
Yeah Stewie, we can’t animate that fight! We gotta save the budget for yours!

(Happy Halloween! :D)
@WiispNightmare: yeah dude! absolutely fine :D
@dracone: That's Francis dude, he was in the comic way back in CH1 and 2 and just hasn't shown up lately

As for his powers, they'll be revealed at some point :D
Oh yeah this isn't the main fight

ALSO this page is absolutely loaded with cameos of the DnD group I'm in with some friends of mine. We have two sets of characters, and with the 5 of us that's at least 10 characters, maybe a few extras to round out their backstories and all that

First off are PJB and Lawrence, the main fighters (the Sphinx and Blue-tinted cat respectively), who also sparred like this in the campaign. PJB wasn't adept at Magic and Lawrence at Fighting so they figured this would work

And then in the window behind them (if you can see them) from left to right it's

Dante (From Devil May Cry)
Xzylsion "Xzy" (kinda obscured)
[Random Blue Cat]

The only one I own is Xzy. And I didn't include my main girl from this group, Molly/Knit Girl (but she's also very young right now). I also couldn't fit Oliver and Truman, but knowing how they're played, they wouldn't have been into the fight nearly as much as the rest of the group.