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Kicking things off with a chapter cover page! Should have some character intros in the next update with the first page in color!
Less of a redesign than it is...well.

Anyway, it's Mati. I love Mati. You're going to love Mati too. Mati is wonderful.
A redesign for Krin, who won't be appearing until much later!
...Cal got redesigned too. Thank God. Looking back, he was FAR too stereotypical-short-and-blonde-tsundere-anime boy and this design...I like much better.
I was revisiting this plot with a friend the other day and we slowly came to the realization that the basis itself was quite good, even if the writing itself had previously been...much less than stellar.

(I like to think I've improved in four years' time...)

But as a note of gratitude, here's a quick sketch of Ourobo's redesigned self, with other sketches to follow until the comic is redrawn and can replace the filler pages.

Many thanks for standing by.
100 fans da get! Congratulations, coming from your 100th fan.
It was more of a general "Yay comic" type cheer. But forgive me. My bleary eyes at 8 in the morning prevented me from seeing properly.
Go Altair go!
Now if only it were a pile of fangirls...
I'm the 100th fan!

...what do I win? ;D
Damn, I wish I had bling coming out every time I reached into my pocket...I'd pawn it all and be a reech beech.
As always, your art makes mine look ridiculous and amateur ( but it is anyway)...

Beautiful toning, by the way.