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I am consistently inconsistent on staying on Smackjeeves for long periods of time. I had an account called Nnthoay007 ages ago. That's when I had access to PAINT.NET but for some reason I believe my account was hacked and the person changed the password. And that computer I once worked no longer exists for me.

Update: Well, I have a new computer and PAINT.NET but I still think I will be Consistently inconsistent.
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You know I'm not sure.
Yes Joe, what was that question going to be?
Every once in a while I go to my favorite comics and see this. I read it and am reminded of how simply awesome it is haha.
December 4th, 2013
I wish I could just pop a mustache on my face.
The past participle of strike is struck.
I'll follow this comic for a bit. It'd be nice if you had a banner.
I did indeed.
I'm going to switch to Mystery Dungeon Sprites for a while. You decide which you like better.
I had once started this comic long ago but it got deleted. The inspiration is back:
This is a new comic I hope will be successful:
I will post the sprites of the characters in the banner.
These are Captain Kirk's sprites.
What will this small character bring to the story?
August 6th, 2013
Off to retrieve to the plot!
Come check it out!
March 21st, 2013
I personally enjoy this comic, I just barely started reading it by the way. But my question is, why did you convert to drawing your comic when you won best sprite comic in 2010?
March 20th, 2013
I agree with artdirector...
@Wolfry Well you see, the reason I did this is because from this point on in the original is where things got confusing and messed up. So from this point I want to recreate it...
@disco-fox It's really not "another" one...
I did not make these first few comics I just gathered them from the original comic.