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THAD!!! you crazy bastard, where you been???
she looks half scared/half in shock that Atty found her
it's a trap!!!! lol
@SWSU-Master: True enough.. but once Doris made F4... it was almost an inevitability that she'd win if she made F3.
Not doing the Obvious listings....

Not the best season, as the winner was obvious too early (really need to have the F5 be one big ball of who can win?); but still one of the more entertaining ones.

I'd still pay $$ to have the Bluth Bros Videogame.. where Damon and Angelo tear-up the Mushroom kingdom...
I so want Jeff to be a contestant.. here or IRL... just because.
already did mine on Episode 2399 (End of the Line)-- but with 1 change---
4-3-1 Doris Wins.

Doris gets: Brad, Riley, Damon and Brandi.

Vinnie gets: Jr, Tialayla and Angelo.

Sierra gets: Thorne.
And even Sierra might have lost Thorne's vote with that admission of guilt. Doris and Vinnie each made decent pitches; but unless Vinnie can straight bamboozle the jury on the questions... there's no way that Doris can't win.
Sounds like my 1st apartment, H0ly...
4-3-1 Doris Wins.

Doris gets: Brad, Tialayla, Riley and Brandi.

Vinnie gets: Jr, Damon and Angelo.

Sierra gets: Thorne.
Vinnie better have a amazing F3 speech ready... 'cause Sierra just handed Doris the win on a platter.
Odds of going home:

Sierra: 1% (just because you never know what stupid thing she'll say at TC that will cause everyone to turn on her)

Doris: 49.6%
Jr. 49.4%

Still have to give Doris the slightly higher odds here due to the fact that she has too many on the jury that'll vote for her.
@SeriousJupiter: yep that'd be par for the course for Atty.
Only way Doris survives is if she can convince Sierra to vote for Jr. Which might be a massive undertaking.
Hoping for a very insane Final immunity challenge :)
I don't want Doris to win.

and i hate saying that; 'cause she's done everything she's needed to do to win. But ''Obvious winner is too obvious'' at this point. So rooting for Vinnie to win, then have him bring the goat and Jr. to F3 FTC.
(2 days behind, sorry)

Dang... hoping he'd make it to F4.. but with the remaining quartet here's how they'd win:

Doris will win if and only if she wins final immunity; if she doesn't she's gone due to being too much of a jury threat.

Junior will win if and only if he can convince the Jury that he had bigger plans than Vinnie and acted on them better.

Vinnie will win if and only if Doris loses final Immunity and he tosses Jr. under the bus as the 'mastermind'

Sierra will win if and only if Thorne kills all the other jury members.
3 days behind (sorry)

Odds of going home:

Riley: 55%
Vinnie: 25%
Sierra: 20%
Riley has a good chance of surviving. Doris and Sierra are obviously going Vinnie; Vinnie and Jr likely going to vote for Sierra. Leaving Riley/Kopeii to vote for Vinnie, but only if Kopeii doesn't make an appearance until after the vote was cast....
Hate to say this, but the best option for everyone to vote for next tribal?? Sierra.. just to get her back with her sister, so she can finally stop whining.