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I hope that Kade gets his comeuppance soon.. cause he's getting too obviously a dick now.
At least CC can find a new idol without anyone ratting her out....
That song needs to be never be played for like the next 25 years
Can't they send Jahira to Ghost Island lol
She totally deserved it. So I wonder if everyone but her wished that they would not draw a rock to go home....
The only 3 people 100% sure that they are not going home are: Kade, Jeff and Skippy.
Hope Josh's special defense is high....
Long Story short for the SFC Time Theory:

Every game/show/world that the SFC contestants come from has it's own separate timeline/rate of time relative to the other places. The producers of SFC found a multiverse plexus which allows them to manipulate space/time to get all these characters to the same time/place.

That or since this just a webcomic, it's cosmically hand-waved. :)
Ollie needs to come back for the next All stars
Kinda glad Mele didn't go. She'd be way too annoying with the Mele in the MeleMele.. crap.
Great... now Alf and Parm have to scramble.
Best blindside is one that is deserved and the target helps get themselves out...
This vote could go so many ways that even Jeff might get votes....
No matter how this goes down.. it's gonna be a crazy tribal.
Okay then. Moving on....
Too bad Raiza will be Josh's downfall...
Ollie is running on Windows 2000. Prove or disprove go!
And now the fun really begins....
Love how mind one suspect's Alfredo at all. If he and Parmesan don't win, I hope they come back