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At this point i want Josh to go home judt to stop the whining.
Hoping that Josh pulls his head outta his ass and flips on Mele and Ollie. But he might just give up himself to go....
The crack is wide open.. just drag Josh through it
Ollie needs to take over from Probst as Host... lol
The legend of Ollie grows.
The way this season has gone... Mele might go.... but i think Jeannie is safe for now. And Jenny is going home
[Sleepy_Otter.exe] claiming that for a band
How do we know thay Ollie isn't telling the truth about otters. It's not like Parm and Alf have otters in MLP land...
Red flags for Josh going on jury here.. meaning he might win immunity
Joshiza is on... and Josh will be seeing her on the jury soon enough
Ollie n Josh vs. Alf/Parm and Mele... while the Jenny/Jeannie duo debate which pair they wanna back... this end is gonna get great.
This comic had me laughing...
Ollie is cementing himself as one of my favorite SFC characters ever.
About damn time.

Ollie's march to the finals goes on...

@GaryHawkinsLandscaper or SWSU I'd love to know exactly how Jenny knew Kade was lying. But i will wait until the end.
And Kade fell for the bait hook line and sinker
I really hope Kade goes now....
This has been done before.... 🙃
And Ollie's awesomeness went up a few notches.
At least Mele will be happy no matter what