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Jenny was practically drooling over Ollie.
I think Jenny's nailed it.
@SkySurfer: that was my thought about Raiza too.
Why isnt Alfred here playing instead?
... Interesting development. Hope Nezumi and Josh don't cross paths...
Please dont tell us that quickscope is really Bonnie again... Lol
Ollie the ultimate UTTR winner.. lol.

Somehow i expect Ollie to awaken soon.
Gotta admit did not see that coming.
Ain't using Pikmin to find idols for you against the rules??
Save your souls and run!!!
If i were Skippy I'd leave that camera right where it is and use the back-up just in case.
Amadeus is so gone... Except he'll get josh out instead
Very interesting how this happened just before the challenge... I think Jeannie is not as nice as she seems...
@Sonofhades: he probably does.

Kinda hoping Ollie jump scares Jeff at tribal...
They better win early and often or else Amadeus will be deader than Mozart
Quickscope... More like mama's gonna ground you...
Wonder if he can ask for food, shelter, etc.... 'cause 'technically' that doesn't affect the outcome of the game... ;)
Yep... gonna have to walk everywhere now. Love to see what exactly the man is grumbling about in the back....
which ship will the Ex Machina go towards? Tony+Charity or Raiza+Josh???
... someone please cut quickscope's mic....