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Riley has a good chance of surviving. Doris and Sierra are obviously going Vinnie; Vinnie and Jr likely going to vote for Sierra. Leaving Riley/Kopeii to vote for Vinnie, but only if Kopeii doesn't make an appearance until after the vote was cast....
Hate to say this, but the best option for everyone to vote for next tribal?? Sierra.. just to get her back with her sister, so she can finally stop whining.
this will be fun... for George.. Atty will shudder his way through again.
Love Jr.'s face int eh last panel.. He knows if Kopeii shows up, there's gonna be something going down.

I know that Vinnie know how to tie a knot... it's like the 3rd thing a Mafioso learns, after shooting and using a knife.
My gut feeling on how the Final days play out:

Kopeii rears his head and ejected for doing something stupid; therefore automatically getting Doris Final 3; Vinnie loses final immunity and gets voted out 3-1 with Jr finally flipping on him. Final 3 of Doris, Sierra and Jr. With Doris winning 6-1-1 over Jr. and Sierra.

What I want to happen is: Kopeii wins the Final 5 immunity; Doris has to play her idol and Vinnie goes out 4-1 In final immunity, Jr wins and Doris goes out 2-1-1 (with Sierra and Riley voting for Doris, she votes for Riley and Jr votes Sierra). Leaving a Final 3 of Jr. Sierra and Riley. Junior wins 4-2-2 (With votes from Vinnie, Angelo, Damon and Brandi; with Riley getting Brad + Tialayla's votes; sierra getting Doris and Thorne's votes)
And So Tialayla goes home.

It's looking like that there really is a possibility of a Thorne, Vinnie and Doris Final 3 now...
@Tailslover13: I said that a long time ago here on SJ (just before merge i think). Basically That Thorne covered up for Sierra killing their abusive Daddy
(1 day off; sucks only being able to get WiFi at Work....)

Odds of going home (if only 1 vote)
Tialayla- 50%
Vinnie- 45%
Thorne- 5%

Odds of going home if 2 votes or a case of vote, immunity challenge then 2nd vote--

Vinnie- 30%
Tialayla- 30%
Thorne- 30%
Junior- 5%
Riley- 5%
100% pure gold there.

(2 days off, so bear with me...)

With Sierra and Jr safe; Vinnie better hope he can convince Jr. to give him Immunity; 'cause unless Doris flips; He should go *though T is still in the cross hairs.)
@Blastoise_FTW: Monopoly has broken up marriages.
Sierra might have to vote off her sister to prove it to Tialayla....
So if Thorne wins immunity; that basically means A pair is guaranteed final 6; as is Doris (no way she don't play her idol here just in case). Leaving Tialayla, Riley, Junior n Vinnie on the block. The couple will go after Vinnie, and Sierra likely will too. Vinnie and Jr. will likely vote for Tialayla (bigger threat) while Thorne n Doris vote for Riley. So technically Vinnie has his 'allies' vote with him, and he gets voted out... :)
.... I agree 100% with Tailslover13.... F*** Sierra.

But Vinnie now knows that target is on him.... start scrambling dude.
well at least Vinnie might get his wish... but come on, the other 4 need to get Vinnie out now.
Kinda hoping for Sierra, JR, Tialayla Final 3 now.
A little sad he's going; but Vinnie has no armor left besides Jr. Vinnie can't just Russell Hantz this thing right?
Odds of going home:

Tialayla- 33%
Vinnie- 33%
Thorne- 15%
Damon- 14%
Riley- 4%
Sierra- 1%
''Vinnie accepting his fate''' indeed. Unless he bamboozles Jr to give him his idol (which is a possibility) he doesn't have the Votes. Doris will vote for him, as will Riley, Damon and Tialayla. Just need Sierra to flip or toss her idol to Sierra or Tialayla which ever is the target of Vinnie, Jr. and Thorne.
still say Thorne covered for Sierra killing their abusive daddy....