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I like webcomics, reading, , sports.
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Would not have guessed you'd be going there for season 18. So much for Hyrule..
@DrMarble: Skippy is a true Immortal. He cannot die. He can get hurt bad though.
Dammit... now I want Chainsaw Arm Ollie!!!
Got the 5-2-1 split right.. Just messed up that 2 would vote for Josh.


#1 to Jeannie-- if you had known that Kade was going to do what he did with your ring, was there a chance that he would have won if he knew the right wishes to Ask?

#2- to Kade. Was that health scare legit or just a ploy to get Jeannie's ring?

#3 to Jenny. Do you regret trying too hard to be likable at the FTC and possibly did it have to be related to the 'Wily Curse.

#4 to Ollie. Will you please not upgrade to 2000s slang?
Ollie is about to win... cause Jenny dropped the ball and Josh just cut off his nose to spite his face
Gonna be an interesting one tonight
Smart move there by Jenny. She's about 50% guarantee to win now. Ollie and Josh are about 25% each.
If Jenny wants to win Mele has to go home.
If Mele doesn't go home here she wins.
Let's get the final immunity started!!
Has any F4 contestant been so negative as Josh.. in SFC or even IRL about being in the Final 4???
Now i hope the real villain of the season (even though she wasn't really bad) Mele goes next.
At this point i want Josh to go home judt to stop the whining.
Hoping that Josh pulls his head outta his ass and flips on Mele and Ollie. But he might just give up himself to go....
The crack is wide open.. just drag Josh through it
Ollie needs to take over from Probst as Host... lol
The legend of Ollie grows.