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Brandi is gonna wish that she stayed at Galaxie by the time Vinnie is done...
Vinnie almost has to win now, right or else he used his one free kill (so to speak) on a mouse, not a lion.
Odds to go:

Lake 70%
Eli 28%
Vinnie 2%
Dont be a douche.... Atty's life lesson for the day.
My hamster would've done better.
Congrats on the 500th episode.
Panel 12-- that plant looks as mad as Vinnie.
Dang I was hoping he'd of brought back a big mouth Bertha
Surprised he could run for minutes.
Vinnie's about ready to fit Lake for cement shoes.
Loli... Thorne's nickname is Loli?
I'd say nearly 100% with
That roshambo might last forever until Doris just says she'll go.
So Abel would be a massive hypocrite complaining about a 'borrowed' pokemon.
I'd kinda rather have seen Eli get eaten...
I know I've hedged my bets these last couple of votes... but still batting 1.000 ;)
Chances of going home:

Brandi 49%
Bonnie/Sarah 49%
Thorne 2%
Still think that her blowing up the gym counts as a default win for Atty
Sierra and Kopeii shipping in 3...2..1.