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Can't fricking wait... let's get it going!

Being set in the Pokemon world will definitely make for interesting challenges. And perhaps a cameo or two from certain people i'd bet.
how every one feels/acts in high school....

Been too long!
That's no pikachu... it's a very elaborate costume by a fellow Team Rocket member Atty.
That statue probably cost less than the Bike ;)
right now we'd all be deaf from George's SQUEEING if this was a video.
if this had audio... you could mute the sound and still hear George's SQUEEEEEEEEE! in panel 4...
Atty: I gotta do something... something that i don't want you to see....
She's gonna run you dry Atty.
George... failed to learn TACT.
and thus Atty's corruption of the young began in earnest....
IF this was a movie... the inspirational music would be deafening by now...
perfect target .... dude deserves it for the Millennial quip. Bart's likely one; but Atty's a late Gen-X Slacker! (lol...)
Now her comes an Officer Jenny telling them to leave 'cause the SS Anne's coming back...
Get better H0ly!!!!
He's the ghost of the last MC to play 5 years ago....
and once again Atty loss another 6 months of his life for not hearing people sneak up on him...
Atty's thinking.... if i fell in... would that be so bad...
September 30th, 2017
see ya in a week... enjoy the mental break.
September 30th, 2017
Just be glad Thad it's one-legged.. he'd KICK atty's ass... ;)