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LIKES:I like IZ, Pokemon,and reading stuff...PLATYPUSSES!
HOBBIES: Drawing, writing,Reading,Making ppl laugh
Occupation: -_- none really...then again i dunno what this question means..
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    Taylor *****
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@Notgonnadie: I know! I've been reading your other comics as well
@Notgonnadie: YUPPERZ! I can wait.
PS: you can just call me JP if ya want!
@Notgonnadie: ^^ I have no problem waiting! 'Good things come to those who wait!'
Hi! I just started reading this comic but ITS TEH BEST EVAH!!!! >u< iT IS TOTALLY AMAZING! im sorry if im bugging you....but you comic is seriously AWESOME! ^^ im as serious as i can be right now.