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Aww, in his own creepy way, Luke is actually trying to help her. Poor Kat looks terrified though. I really like the series. :)
Yeah it's gross :( But presenting their ass like that is a cat's way of displaying trust.
... Doesn't make it any less gross though...
That was my reaction exactly when my friend ordered me my first cosmo. I believe that my exact words were "This looks like something fairies would drink. I'm not drinking that." And then she preceded to practically pour it down my throat. It wasn't bad, but god was it pink.
Girls are too clever
I love that part too! He's a such a schmoozer! It's cute.
That's so cute :3
He does know that it can't answer back though, right? lol
Is he talking to his penis?
That's kind of sweet... in a deeply disturbing way. Well, I'm glad Niya finally got his happily ever after.
Anyway, I love your comics ^^ Long time reader, first time commenter. I have to say that Snow White is probably my favorite of all your yaoi stories so far. I hope that there will be more.
One of my favorite stories as a kid was the Elves and the Shoemaker story. I don't know how one would give that a yaoi twist, so maybe it's not a great suggestion, but if you like the idea too and decide to run with it, I'm sure you would come up with something awesome.
Anyway, thanks for being so awesome ^^ I hope to see more yaoi comics soon.