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Nerrrrg, whats up? It's Jen...hmm....yea. I write far more than I draw, so I have a lot more faith in that than my drawings, which is why I only do the art for one comic, See Me After Class. Also, for the record, Bobby's Bi is not dead, LazySensei doesn't have a scanner, but we're fixing that problem pretty quick. Thanks for reading.
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Yeah, I've never done a drawn sex scene that isn't just one picture. Bear with me.
LOL diversity is fun!
This is a bit of an homage to my favorite book ever, Good Omens. Me and Toki both wait with baited breath for Neil Gaiman's next book and quietly show our sadness and regret for Terry Pratchett's contraction of Alzheimer's.
Perhaps this is a good time to mention that uh...I'm going to be drawing the sex scenes >.> In the words of Eddie uh...yeah.
September 6th, 2008
Yay! You got it, strangy! Those are the Honeydew Syndrome boys! The girl just kinda leaning around and saying 'yaoi?' is me tho XD
August 11th, 2008
@animefox55: Your cake is a lie
It's interesting that you would point that out, and I always appreciate constructive criticism. The fact that he was taken in to easily is a fact that is actually important for something later in the storyline, but I must admit, I didn't really feel fantastic about how it seems in the beginning, and I was worried someone would catch it. I don't wanna say too much, but the fact that he didn't totally freak out is important later. But thanks for your support and advice.
@Strangy: Richard's an idiot
Heres my in put for my thanks, this was on my DA a looooooooong time ago, and i never really shared it here, so here you go, a MTP comic meme
1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions
Characters Chosen:

TJ (call back)
Richard(call back)
Adam(call back)
Seth(bloody pages)
Robert(bloody pages)

1) How Old Are You?
TJ: Im 16 in a few months
Richard: 17, as of last month i belive
Adam: 17
Seth: 19
Robert: .....older than i look

TJ: 5'5, im kinda short
Richard: 5'7
Adam: 5'8
Seth: 5'7
Robert: I think im about...5'9...never really checked

3)You Got Any Bad Habits??
TJ: .....o/////o....*stuffs yaoi under bed*
Richard: Hmm....i have this thing about stalking pretty boys my age...
Adam: perhaps hanging out with Richard, as it seems to be turning me gay
Seth: Reading! <3
Robert: Im a bit of a stalker

4)You a virgin?
TJ: O////O YES!
Richard: -sigh- yes, but i'll get TJ to come around
Adam: yea... .////.
Robert: Hah XD! No!

5)Who's your Mate/Spouse?
TJ: o///o Richard
Richard: TJ!!!! <3
Adam: im single
Robert: Mah Sethy baby!

6)Have Any Kids?
TJ: gay
Richard: Not yet! adoption my pet, adoption
Adam: nope, im still a virgen, 'member?
Seth: gay
Robert: gay

7)Favorite Food?
TJ: Popcicles! <3
Richard: >D TJ j/k XD, Velvet cake actually
Adam: Pizza
Seth: Anything i don't cook
Robert: All i consume is blood so...i don't really have much of a choice.

8)Favorite Ice Cream flavour?
Richard: Strawberry
Adam: Chocolate
Seth: Strawberry
Robert: can't eat 'em

9)Killed anyone?
TJ: ._. no
Richard: no
Adam: no
Robert:yes, many times im afraid.

10)Hate anyone?
TJ: nope!
Richard: ....uh...yea...
Adam: yes
Seth: i don't think so
Robert: yes, i do

11)Any Secrets? comment
Richard: Uh..nope, im out of the closet and on my sleeve
Adam: nope
Seth: im in the closet around other people
Robert: nocternal

12)Love Anyone?
TJ: .... .////. yes
Richard: *kisses TJ* ^.^
Adam: i have a crush on this girl named Stephanie...
Seth: uh..yes
Robert: yup!

TJ: o___0
Richard: YUMMY!
Adam: uh...ok?
Seth: I don't really like tacos...
Robert: uh....what?

14)Ever slept in All day?
TJ: I try not to
Richard: I am such a lazy ass, hell yes
Adam: Duh
Seth: not really
Robert: all i can say is lol

15)Favorite Show?
TJ: Will and Grace....thats it?
Richard: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy! Makes me proud of my commrads!
Adam: I like anime alot.
Seth: I like to read, so i don't really watch TV
Robert: I watch TV movies, but thats mostly it.

16)Favourite Movie?
TJ: hmm, Princess Mononoke, that movie Adam showed me, was really good.
Richard: Another Gay Movie ;D
Adam: Akira
Seth: i read, remember?
Robert: 50 First Dates....i hate vampire movies.....they're stupid and emo and steriotypical...IM NOT EMO!!!

17)Favorite Band?
TJ: Dresden Dolls
Richard: t.A.T.u. , you show 'em we homo's can sing too, girls!
Adam: Angels and Airwaves
Seth: not sure
Robert: Bowling for Soup, they're pretty funny

18)Eye Colours?
TJ: blue
Richard: green
Adam: brown
Seth: brown
Robert: red

TJ: pale...
Richard: im caucasion if that was your quetion
Adam: tanned a little bit
Seth: caucasion
Robert: really pale

TJ: slim
Richard: average
Adam: average
Seth: slim
Robert: average

21)Rain, sunshine?
TJ: ^.^ sunshine!
Richard: ze sun shinin' down!
Adam: Sunshine i guess
Seth: rain, better excuse to read
Robert: rain

22)Pool, Beach?
TJ: beach ^^
Richard: beach
Adam: pool
Seth: er...neither
Robert: pool, definently

23)Camping, staying home?
TJ: home
Richard: home
Adam: campings pretty fun
Seth: home
Robert: home

24)Dog, Cat?
TJ: Cat
Richard: Kitty!
Adam: dog
Seth: cat
Robert: cat

25)Believe in aliens?
Richard: nope
Seth: theres a possibility
Robert: psh, no

26)Natural Born, or Clone?
TJ: ....i think im the only one
Richard: o' de natural!
Adam: natural born....and apparently unlike rich here...*twitch* i wear underwear
Seth: natural born
Robert: well, i don't have a clone

27)Car or Ship?
TJ: Car
Richard: Car
Adam: Car
Seth: ships are fun ^^
Robert: Car

28)Ever destroyed something out of Blind Rage?
Richard: yes ^^
Adam: no on pourpus
Seth: i don't think so
Robert: yea

29)Any Unusual Things about you?
TJ: nope ^^
Adam: ....i hang out with the guy above me and im straight
Seth: i read an unhealthy amount
Robert: maaaaaaybe

30)How much food/drink do you need a day?
TJ: Not a whole lot
Richard: Foods good, but what i need and want are different XD
Adam: I eat alot matabolism, i guess
Seth: I don't eat alot
Robert: i only need one drink a week.

31)Favourite Place?
TJ: The stage ~.~
Richard: TJ XDDD im such a perv
Adam: my house
Seth: library i work at
Robert: the library Seth works at
weeeeeee, turning in the script for this made me have a burst of writing for this and call back!
Just a little fun fact, this it based on what I did when a friend of mine came out in middle school, I totally broke the bullys nose! =D
Just a reminder, I grew up and still live in Kansas, this is supposed to be like my school, so uh...this is basically what happened when my friend came out in middle school...minus Adam XD
oh, definently the way you drew him on page ii, thats almost exactly what i had in mind when i came up with the story
beau huh? i have a friend named beau, and im soooo happy your back T_T
aww, i can't get over how cute your animal characters are
weeeeeeeeeeee, on time updates! also, for those of you that have checked out bloody pages, thank you very much, from me and toki
Interesting, i like the story line and the art style. Proportions aren't anything to be ashamed of, it does take practice, its not really something you can just learn
It seems as though I need to clear this up for some people, at this point, Richard is still not sure of his sexuality, for the record, they are in middle school, and Adam is obviously not aware of Richard being gay, Richard is just now figuring that out, this is a flash back to when all that happened, just letting everyone know.