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Woah, How times have changed. I'm a fairly reasonable guy, to be modest. I like old music, Gaming, Guitar and Comics, and I'm focusing on The megaman author comic. If you call "occasionally looking at it" focusing.
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Project purity...
If god wanted us to play call of duty, superbaisedman would have given him a CoD hat instead of a HALO.

No! No! NOOO!!!!
god, the book is so awful, a dog barfs everytime you read it.

where is macklesfield?
hey, if you think you got it bad, my ovaries just burst into ice cold flames.
be gone rap! leave this place in shame.
well, if that's what he MEANT, he should get the points, surely.
The musician! the lizard king! the shaman! mr Mojo Risin!
hahahahaha! CLASSIC.
what the hell did you do to the last panel?! Its was meant to be the climatic descent into madness! you killed it!
who'd a-thunk it?
oh, that's baseball.
I had a dream about this. except replace the squid with Paul McCartney and turn Tarson into me. and the penguin was Jim Morrison.
hahaha. fav'd.
You can never get rid of a bomb nowadays.

There is no red wire had me in absolute stitches.
It si exactly like brawl. You don't know what the hell is happening.

sides... splitting. must evacuate!
I don't understand...
The fat!
I was drunk, okay. I don't know what I was righting g.


so, I wonder why Doug needs to become a warrior?
hey. I don't right this stuff. It just appears on my hard-drive.
I will update, just after the day the music ends.

Which will be write now.