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OUCH!! Man, I think Leo is treating him a little TOO harshly. I kinda hope that Carter will claim some responsibility later on if he gets a chance to talk with Leo...then again I'm starting to think the reason Leo doesn't drink is because he himself was put in a situation like Carter with someone who was more dangerous...just a thought.

Thank you for so many updates recently. Know it takes a lot of hard work. *Offers you snacks and cozy blankies*
@freehugz: rats, i didn't get it :(
@freehugz: I've been pretty well. Thanks for asking! I'm almost done with the mock classes I need to complete for a webcam job teaching Chinese kids English. :D

I can finally pay off cards, bills, and my college debt.
Ahhh!!! I forgot how I left off!! O[]O!!! I'm sorry babies!!
Oh no, hope everything proceeds smoothly. <: ( Things always got hectic each time we had to deal with a loss in the family. Stay strong and make sure you go through all the emotions. That's the healthiest way, once you're done you can lift yourself up and keep on walking.

As for the comic, I love how sweet Brian is being! :D Totally changed my opinion of him. I also see you love torturing the poor guy with so much sexual tension. XD Excellent.
NOT THE BABIES!!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!! (I'll send you a message later :))
...I can't remember, but wasn't that a nickname he used for Logan's mom?
EEEEEeeeeeEEEeeeeeeee!! Is it weird I'm excited for what's about to happen next. Been dreading it, but the story gets better.
FINALLY!! Getting back into updating. How is everyone?
I love how Brian seems more human with each meeting. :) Great job on everything so far.
Love it!
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *Helplessly flails around*
(. . ) ... ( . .)....
................................................................................. .....TTnTT
@Yaa: I would LOVE to have it as an ebook, they're less than physical copies and that good especially if you don't want anyone just picking it up or finding in your room. lol. Second, very green way to go. Third less work for you and saves you money on printing. And fourth it helps you to gain some sort of income for the hard work you already put it in. :)

Glad to see that others are so supportive too! It would also help if you feel like reading but no wifi. You can go back and reread your favorite parts again. It also helps you build a closer relationship with characters more. But really, the choice is up to you. :D You can put out as many ebooks that you have in volumes already and offer special little goodies in it as well like fun doodles or stuff like that. That way for readers who are really into supporting you don't mind paying a little extra.

Again I'm sorry if it feels like I'm pressuring you, but I think it would be a really good way for you to make a profit and that may help lessen some of your stress in the real world.
Do you have a link where you might possibly sell volumes of this series? An ebook version would be even better!
I love this comic so much. ^--^