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@akemikae: YESS!!! Looks like I came back just in time!! I can't wait to see where you take all of this. Also 4 hours?! WOW.
He wants a kiss!! To make it all feel better!!!
Dude if my bestie/love interest told me that...I'd melt and die a little inside from my mind going so far down in the gutter.
X3 Too sweet.
LOL!!! I loved how he just took her hand and moved it like "NOPE." Ahhh!!! The tension. He should've just sat in his friend's lap. ;D Also it's been a while so I just caught up. Your skills are amazing!
September 17th, 2018
Have you guessed what Keith is yet?
I had to do a happy cute version.
Love how Alistair looks like he's about to burst up laughing.
It annoys Boggart having someone bit on the strings.
Alistair is the exception though...
Gettin' my drive back. Pages will be sketchy. I've missed all of you!!

Also say hello to Boggart's Daddy!! :D He was a greek mythology fanboy.
I love how cute you draw the two of you. :) I'd read a comic about how you two got together.
@boiseboo: My thoughts exactly! I hope he doesn't force himself on him. <: (
Poor baby...he must have social anxiety or something
The face in the last panel. XD
@freehugz: I know right? *MASSIVE HUG* How have you been freezy?!!
@freehugz: :__; It gets sadder. Probably why I've been so reluctant to keep on with the story. Thanks for your comment!! :D Makes me really happy.
Couldn't help laughing at Ganon. Way to distract Link, call him charming.
Very concern with the expressions Crush is making...does Rueben not notice?
Man, I was really getting into your comic! (Just found it) The characters are so cute and relatable.
; __ ; at first I really hated Till but seeing how things could have been makes me so happy and sad. It must be so hard to come back to reality and truth of how things are. If they did though, I bet Till would have done something really big like bring Carter the moon and pay for the whole wedding they would've had.