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HOORAY!! You're back!! *hugs* Hang in there!!
So excited with you about your site. :)
So glad to hear from you.
Ahh!! They're just too cute. XD
So far here are the stats:

More background stories on other characters: 50%
Move on with original story: 25%
Open to host fan comics from readers: 25%

I'll be deciding on Sunday so you have until then to get your vote in. :)
Hm, that must be the jealous side of Ruben showing. Or maybe he's mad seeing how much power another guy has over Crush without even having to say anything. Still that last part about making the decision easier, man, felt like he took a cigarette and burned Crush. Scott if you end up with Crush you better express your love way better than Ruben has so far.
So I made a little poll for all of you. I can really go any direction at this point, but I want to know which path do you choose. ;)
That was the name of the quiz way back when. From the site I also saw they had a specific story quiz that's more interactive. Could be fun reposting, but it would have to be a lot from memory. Anyway here's a link to the poll:

As for this image?...weeeellll we have a long way to go before we get to that.

Also Please check out Yaa's comic! Yes it's pretty graphic and smutty at times, but the characters are done so well! The story of relationships is interesting too. Give it a try:
Harsh...but I love their coach. :)
; n ; Poor Crush, total look of heartbreak in the second to last panel.
AHHH!!! Too cute yet NOOOOO!!! *Hands on head*
@deee45: My guess was that Crush got the beating from those other guys protecting his identity and then that guy dumped him after or something...I hope your right though. That Crush will tell Reuben.
Noooo!!! Crush come back!! Saddest part to me was how happy he looked in those flashbacks!
Leslie LeFaye
Props to you if you remember her from the quiz series which this is based on when I first started over ten years ago!!

I still miss that Quizilla gave me no warning that they were changing the format quizzes. I do have one up still, it's seeing who you would match up with: Cairn, Boggart, Odin, Alistair and future characters who have yet to show up.

Sadness...I tried looking for it but...the site took me to TeenNick...I'm going to have to make a new one for people to take...
*Still dying*
*Dies a little* ARRRGHHH!! good, but so torturous. Can't wait to see this drama unfold. :)
Thank goodness!!
@Yaa: Ha, I was so worried I might have insulted you. ^__^;; But seeing your response really makes me feel so relieved. Crush is such a sweetie underneath. :) Such a well developed character too. Reuben I get mixed feelings for because it feels like he's not taking Crush into consideration that he might possibly love him. Makes me wanna shake the guy! CRUSH NEEDS YOU MAN!!! He's begging you to just TALK to him!!
I wasn't so sure starting this...but now I'm dying for the next page. Really good comic once you see it's more than just smut. Sorry if I offend you. I get tired of seeing those types of comics where they do it all the time and that defines their relationship. I can see all their point of views and it makes me even more curious. :) The art is wonderful too. You've thoroughly surprised me and made me a fan.
@Riaya: true lol Thanks for commenting. :)
*FAN CHEER* But seriously this is sadly too familiar especially the "I can change your mind" part. One ex of mine said, "What's the point of a relationship without sex? We might as well just be friends." Gladly it never came to physical fighting, more of hurt feelings and feeling too broken for society.
I couldn't add the accent mark to his name.