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Um.. I don't really know what to put here. I'm not that interesting.
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Ohgosh, lots of drama ;A; Also Takaooo <3 I love your avatar~! Takao's a cutie.
And um, can I ask how long it takes you to make a page? :O
Oh my god, I love you! This is beautiful! xD Your comic is one of my favorites <3 Happy belated birthday ;u;
September 13th, 2012
YOUR ICOOOONNNNN!!!! ;U; I love Kuroko no Basuke~! X3 And I ship Ahomine and Kise like crazy! >:3 Just.. it's beautiful ;u;

*cough* But anyways, ohgawd. Poor chibi face. xD
Le fancy duck xD
Aw, Shunoki's giving Kaito monies for that duck xD
Thank you for the update, Angel ;u; Also, I can't wait for a Q&A~!
So Naoll's legs were all open? :3
@For I Am Bren: Exotic prostate? Omigod, I can't breath xD Did you mean prostitute? Or really prostate? Either way, you're awesome xD I'm sorry, I don't want to come off as rude owo; Just.. *flails*
Dat banner ;D
It's so cuuute ;w; I love it.
Also, aww<3 So much fluffy cuteness, I can't take it xD
Ouchies! D:
DDDDD: !!!
*loses ability to can*
Lolawww xD Poor Lenox..
Wait? Taste better? Oh goodness, just how close was their "friendship"? >w>

EDIT: Oops xD Yes, I am very interested in their past! >:3
D'aww, Squiddles has a babeh girrrrrl ;u;
Y u so mean den, Squidward? I'm sure she'd find Shunoki really nice ;w;
Yes! Give the cutie a girlfriend xD
But I can't help but think that he'll end up liking Marie instead :O
Welcome back! :3
Oh, poor Elliot D:
June 10th, 2012
@Horrorific: B-but.. The rest of the plot wouldn't happen in real life either. xD A boy with a horse tail finds a bat, helps heal it, it turns out to be Hades, and then Hades gets help from Apollo to seduce said horse-tailed boy xD Sowwy, I just don't see the problem ;w; And honestly, many people get together super fast for sex all the time. Sort of like a "Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but here's a condom, so eff me maybe?" situation :I Sorry, I'm terrible xD
Once again I'm sorry, I'm just stating my opinion. xD I didn't sleep last night, so sorry if it comes across as mean. ;w; I mean it in the nicest way possible.
I can't breath! XDD You all are so funny!
Blech, Squidward stayed lonely in Spongebob for a reason. D: UNATTRACTIVE.
...And I just imagined the real Squidward getting his moobs groped by a bunch of fish prostitutes.. That's not a pleasant image before bed. ;A;
Elbowed in the boobs! :O
Did he notice, or are they too small? Or will he think they are something else? XD
I love how everyone is telling Colt to shut up and stop it xD Y'all are so cute.
I can barely remember anything about this chick so I'm probs going to have to reread some chapters xD Maybe even reread the whole thing (pixelated penises and all) C:
Awww ;u;
I know how she feels.
I love all of these girls xD I can't wait for the competition to start ;u;
Well, it's important to know the other's name before smexy tiem.
How else would you know whose name to call out during-*shot*-I mean wut