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Ouro Angel
I run around doing stuff. Even more often, sit around doing stuff. If I'm lucky this involves my sketchbook or PC. Even luckier, and it involves chocolate too.

You can't improve without practice! Exposing people to my crappy comicing skills now will hopefully mean better skills later :)
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    Tobermory LeChat
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Ouro Angel
February 8th, 2013
I'd love to be able to rant about my life at the moment, but even if you were interested I don't particularly want to do that to the internet LOL
Slowly getting somewhere . . .
Ouro Angel
January 11th, 2013
so, you waited a long time for a crappy page. Slowly getting somewhere. Hooray for real life whacking me in the face with stuff to do LOL The problem is, I can't just jump straight back into doing pages if I've had to put them aside for a while; I have to stare at the sketchbook for a while trying to get back into the flow of what the characters are doing and saying, which means two nights of my brain going blank and vaguely sketching out bits before I really get back into it. But I know this story well, and it's not going anywhere.
Ouro Angel
December 16th, 2012
behold the messiest page yet. It's 'the saint' and Xav talking in the doorway of the bedroom that Satal is sleeping in. Some slight exposition before the next stage.
I got back from holidays all tired but refreshed, got the page sketched out while remembering what I wanted them to say, and then BAM life socked me in the guts. Nothing bad, just not much sleep and an impending doom of being flat out busy for a while - I'm suddenly organising a marriage equality rally for my town next year. This is what I get for trying to make the world a better place LOL Will continue working on pages though.
Ouro Angel
November 10th, 2012
I'm pretty annoyed that the slight hiatus had to come just at a slow point in the plot; it'll pick up again soon. Next page is a bit more explanation, and then there's a fair :)
Ouro Angel
October 18th, 2012
just a heads up - I have not forgotten or abandoned this comic, but I've already mentioned that I'm doing a lot of work for my son's upcoming playgroup halloween party, and since I've got all the materials now all my free time has been taken up cutting out bats and skeletons, stitching together cats and ghosts, preparing decorations, etc. Next page will be up when I've got everything else ready, and can finish it.
Ouro Angel
September 26th, 2012
sorry folks, like I mentioned last update (latest filler one, that is) I've been working on upcoming halloween party; to keep the cost down there's a lot of bits I'm doing myself which aren't hard but are repetitive and take up time. Having said that, I'm always glad that I did it after I've finished (a pile of ghost and spider lollipops always warms the heart to see).
Wondering what the hell I've been doing lately? Organsing my son's playgroup halloween party. Of course, I'm an artist, and my son and I love halloween stuff; I don't just organise a halloween party, I CREATE a halloween party LOL

Next page isn't far off, it just got bumped down the priority list while I got party stuff ready for printers (you don't want to go leaving it until the last minute, believe me).
Ouro Angel
September 1st, 2012
I actually had this page ready a day ago, but have been busy. Also have another couple of projects I'm working on, and while Broken Wings definitely has priority in terms of close deadline, the other two have far enough away deadlines that I'm worried about forgetting them until the last minute, so I try and work on them now so that they're done and I don't have to worry about it. I don't want to say more until I've got more done and can actually show you, but that's taking a while. You'll be hearing some of Cassius and Marcus' back story soon! But only a snippet :3
AAAAH LOL awesome XD Creepy janitor! What are you doing?! I can't wait to find out!
it looks like the hidden figure is saying 'end chapter 06' in a firey voice which is awesome, or is that just a cool coincidence?
Ouro Angel
August 22nd, 2012
this page doesn't really add much, but without it the previous page and next page just seemed too rushed. I was deliberately giving Cassius an awkward pose in the first panel, but I think it just came out looking like I couldn't draw it right LOL Also, the little 'erk' in panel three is coming from Tal, seeing as he just had an alcohol-soaked rag put on one of his wounds. Alcohol is Marcus' answer to nearly anything, like liquid's version of duct tape. It cleans, it sterilizes, it helps start fires, you can bribe people with it, get people in a easily influenced state with it, hit people with a bottle of it, sell it, and even drink it!
Ouro Angel
August 17th, 2012
I don't think sketching out the next couple of pages in advance has made any difference except make me paranoid about getting it right LOL
For some reason, I got Cassius' hair completely wrong, had to redo it, and still couldn't get it right. Oh well, he'll be in the next few pages at least so I'll have time to practice.
next page will be late, because I'm actually planning the next couple of pages together so that they flow well; normally I only sketch out each page as I get to it, and figure out how much plot fits on each page as I go, but I really want the next couple to be a little less haphazard LOL They won't all get drawn and inked together, but I at least want them sketched out at the same time and takes longer than you'd expect, what with me being a rank amateur.

So in the meantime, have some Ruby Gloom fan art I took forever to do. I'm going to colour it, but that'll take longer.
man, I totally mangled that bottom left panel LOL oh well.

In case you can't tell in the first panel, they're having a bit of trouble pulling Tal along since they can't get their arms around his back (what with the wings dragging along in the way)
I slightly adjusted Marcus' character design from the drawing of him in the first picture posted for the comic, because I thought his hair was too similar to Xav's.
If you missed it, I had a very temporary filler up yesterday, it's in the unchaptered section. Anyway, updates should continue as usual now (considering I have no real schedule at the moment). Sometimes I wish I'd just done a comic with chibis instead . . . whiny, blood-drenched chibis LOL I'm just kidding, I love you guys :D
sorry next page has been taking so long, but between having the flu for the second time in a month and organising my son's birthday party in between, I've been too tired to do much but stare at the penciled page for a bit, ink a few lines, then go to bed.
It's nearly done, but since it's my birthday have a picture of one of the little rainbow layer cakes I made for myself using mini cupcakes because I can't afford more cake ingredients for another week. They'd be yummier if I wasn't still eating a couple of cupcakes a day leftover from my son's party a week ago (I made too many) . . . so cupcake'd out . . .
@The Orange Cow: fff LOL XD
nnng messy page, took forever for some reason just to be a mess of ink LOL Soon as I was getting better from my flu, my son came down with it yay . . .

if you can't tell what's happened, they've kind of crashed into a suburban park, and Tal has sort of collapsed. But he seems to have a plan . . .
tentacles and teeth!
aaaahhhh LOL so cute XD