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Zombie Dolly
I Draw, Sing, Write, Dance.
I love the color pink (hot pink is my fav)
I love cats -and boys (lol)
I'm really nice so dont be affraid to ask!
My drawing is so so, so thats why I wont just make my own comic lol.
I have a Fiction Press acount for my orginal stories and poems and lyrics you should check it out!
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I go from being angry about a League of Angels ad to saying "Hot damn" when I see this update. If only the world was full of beautiful men like this comic...
Zombie Dolly
April 20th, 2012
Hades is so beautifully scary ^^;
Zombie Dolly
April 19th, 2012
The most beautiful scary thing i've ever seen O.O
daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang, i dont celebrate easter but this is the best easter surprise thingy i have ever seen!!

edit: Oooh just let me find a guy with an ass like dat!! >.< We'll get along really well.
Ooooh he's about to get her!

I can wake up at seven just fine but when you start talking 6 and 5 i'm told that i look and sound pretty evil >.<
Normally I HATE to see people brushing their teeth (its so gross >.<) but Kaito is just too cute!!
New video:
I'll be honest I had stop reading this because it took forever to be updated but I just got caught up and I'm hooked again!! >.< Update soon pweeez!
This update had me giggling and squealing the entire time. My mom and sister were looking at me like i was crazy.

OMG the purple's back!!!
You know... I really like the color pink (hot pink to be exact) but there is a such thing as too much pink THAT'S TOO MUCH PINK!! O.= lol
Oooh those stupid gangsters just really burned my biscuits. Poor Shushu. T.T hug him till he's breathless Kaito!
OMG O.O what a beautiful family!!!! They sparkle. Why doesnt my family sparkle damn it!!
Lol, very nice chapter. Shuno and Kaito's hairstyles are freaking sexy!
I can't wait Angel!
Two snaps and a twist!
The big bad wolf is back in town! Hide you basket o goodies Kaito! O.O

Better yet just server them to him on a platter ;D
This comic is great, I was laughing through the whole update. then i showed my sister and laughed some more lol
Ahh Blushing harold... thats what cupcakes are made of (random info about me i am OBSESSED with cupcakes)
Aw Shuno is so mature. Best apology evaaa ^^
Super awesome cliffhanger go!

I wuv this comic soooo much >.<
Zombie Dolly
March 1st, 2012
Hades is like... beautiful! *.*