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I am the creator of web-comics. Simple as that.
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    Devon A. Kostecki
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Could you do one with me on it? I'm really tied up with school and can't.
My sprites still arn't on the banner yet ):
Anything to say peplz?
You certainly got on the banner fast.

Thanks for moving your room, were neighbors now!
I claim the white door on the far right of the third floor.
I do hope to stick around this place as long as possible. This place looks really cool.
@1ce_k1d: That was my room!

And I thought nobody else would take it. ):
Wait, you can upload stuff, but I am co-author too and CAN'T?

Also, I like the left a tiny bit better
Meta, I thought you were going to make it so that I can upload my intro/sprites/room onto the comic. Could you do that real quick?
So, should I sign up there? Or can I sign up here?
Sorry about the lack of comics lately. I just got a brand new game, and I am reluctaint to stop playing it. NOt to fear! I will beat it soon enough, and I'll give you a good ol' 10 Comic Update.
To me, its more TOADSWORTH is the one with the "Blah Blah LOGIC Blah Blah"
Why did you have to restart Kirby and Yoshi, even though you could have kept going from the spot you were at?
A Funny One
Heres a good one for you guys. Hope your enjoying the story unfold.
Day 2
Hope this satisfies you guys.
Lets just hope Ganondorf wont get involved.
Yeah, he usually is. But that speech being as boring as it is, even Albert Einstein probably couldn't pay attention for that long.
And yet another one...
This is my last one for tonight, see you guys tommorow!
Bonus Page!
Just an extra page for a new web-comic. I'll try to do as many as I can every day to please you guys.

These Comics will probably go through its highs and lows of humor, but i'll try to stay mostly humor based.
And So It Begins...
I hope anyone who bothers seeing this will like it.

Updated Daily, even on holidays!