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Hi....Thats's it right now.
The simple love of books
I want to be there too!!!
I felt so much love right there... *Cries* So sweet! I love these boys!
Daddy dragon you make my heart hurt and sing!!! I Love you!! I Love you to Rakewn!
January 29th, 2014
The Fun has arrived! (That's you.)
@mayshing: YAYY! I'm snowed in for the last two days! And I happen to look today and Yippeeeeeee! You've made my day! Thank you, I've been around since you started with the other comic that tends to mingle with this one.
I forgot how much I love these nosy customer's. They make this the best romantic BL comedy at the 2nd best of times! Naoto comes first always!
November 16th, 2013
If Chip has no Reproductive Organ's, then why does...The Skull woman from before have a kid? How was he born? Like a normal human before the Witch?(I don't want to go looking back but I can't remember her name..or if the kid is her son...) I feel like a horrible fan now. T.T
Good golly!
I just found this yesterday and I am in love!! Wonderful art! (Hands you annoying...WHY!!T^T.) Can't wait to see your wolves!
Ohhh.... poor Zeus.
Stages and Memories
@RadicalTrain: But what if he forgot? Didn't it say something like that a few pages back? Maybe it was temporary, maybe not.
Flower child
I love the beautiful flower scene in his background. Very Lovely.
Awww So sad
We all knew that would happen...(She's had plenty boyfriends.) Still it is so sad she had to find out that way, not that I knew but I guessed something like that with his skin.(Nothing racist but it's in their still.)

I grandfather likes looking at war battles and other things. One was how certain countries treated slaves. I can't remember which one but he told me that some had their tongues removed.

And they called slaves barbarian's!!
Dragons, skeleton's, and laser's? I freakin luv this comic!! And really you make it so easy to, Or maybe that's just me?
It's true!
I've a kitten who had a Wolf worm eat at some of her brain..yea..She does run in a diagonal pattern to get btw the chairs or people. But she walks straight...ish.

Either way I do believe because I'm watching it now...Thanks Peaches-the kitten.
Last panel!
Made me laugh!

--!!!!!!!! I was attacked by a bug of fastness and blackness!--

Anyway I'm sick with nasty cold, so I laughed so hard I coughed up blood, then the bug made me scream more and sneeze my brains out...

Weird things happen when I read your comic....But I love the conversation in this scene! Never stop, I beg you!

But owww my throat... I'm going to the doc. tomorrow after this. Hehe,Pirates are dangerous to my health...Pun!
Bleeding is particular in cases, but did they have blood transfusions then? Curiosity now plagues...
This is getting goood. Will he succeed? No spoilers..(Like anyone could/would).)
My daddy is gone now, and he left kinda early for me. But I remember our last Christmas together. This little comic here made me think of my daddy when he was a Firefighter. I was always scared he wouldn't come home but he always did.
Good luck Chip! I know the feeling.
Oh god...."Peachy"

I have been put in this situation so many times that I do that! Let my head go limp and soon after someone always ask "You okay?" And I say "Peachy!" or "Perfectly fine!" And they go back to their things.

It's so hard when the girls are taller than you! They're all like 4 'in's talller than me! And I'm 5'3!
Just found this, finish reading from beginning to latest page and have officially fallen in luv with this adorable yet somewhat twisted plotline. Was that a run on? Oh well, neat way of using paint. And they are so cute, never thought I'd luv a skeleton like I do chip.

And what characters!! Great collaboration guys! Keep it coming! I will read! Maybe donate!