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I like cats and comics. Hopefully I'll upload a comic of my own.
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^^ New comic.
And yes, yes we missed you. Or at least I did.
February 11th, 2012
She's destroying the city! ... It's kinda like a metaphor for what happening here. It's sad but if you're planning to 'rebuild', if I may, the sorrows will be forgotten eventually. ^^
A dastardly deed, but a brilliant move!
January 26th, 2012
That's when a vaccum with a long hose and hadle comes in handy. THough, if the thing i thought i saw turns into a moth- I run. XD
January 18th, 2012
My cat would simply tasteawful. all fur and bones. ... Might make a good cat stock though... XD
Bwa ha ha...
Ah yes, the unfortunate colors we are stuck with. I'm currently in a room that's... plae lemon yellow- if that makes sence. However, I do belive it would be much better than pink. XD
She does it to you to?
XD My cat, she sits on your lap wanting attention causing you to waste your day 'cause you wanna give her attention.
It's nice to know she has other friends. ... or a counter part. XD
NooOOOOooooo! This is as far as you have gotten? I demand more (espically after having read for sevral hours straight to get to here).

Ahem- On the other side. discovered your comic toda- ... last night and I simply adore it. ^^
Not only was I replied at, soon I won't need to worry about not paying attention. ^^
First off-
Really enjoying the comic and cool 'dream sequence'.
Don't suddenly upload 7 pages like that! I wasn't paying attention and thought something went wrong or I hadn't checked in last couple'a updates. (0x0);
Attention Shippers!
You may all now un-ship George and Atticus.
November 15th, 2011
Lizard, lizard!
... Is it bad if I'm part of the 'shillutte fans' in panel 2?
November 8th, 2011
I felt like that when I graduated. ... I mean more of the cardboard cut out more than feeling like the rest were.

On a side note- I juat read all of your pages today. ^^ I feel like your a me on the other side of the world! ... If that makes sence.
Two in one,not bad! -And I still play both on my NES...
Mixed feelings...
You know, it makes me happy for you to say for everyone who's ever been stung. However- my butterfree in yellow was pimpin' so I feel bad for them.
Everyone else can burn though. ^^
And on a comic related note- I bet you make the exit burn down.
Oh noes!
Any last words Atty? How about get 'em DT.