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I enjoy math, programming (especially AI and game design), and physics.
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January 23rd, 2016
What could they be up to? :O
It looks really nice and sharp! There's still a little bit of jittering if you're looking for it though - Inkscape has a Line Simplification function (lossily gets rid of semi-redundant vector curve points) which tends to get rid of that kind of stuff, which I found works really nicely so long as you don't overdo it and do a little bit of adjusting afterwards. Does Manga Studio have something like that?
December 15th, 2015
Wait.... Those aren't the same jokes he used in the game :I Thus far it's obvious you've taken creative liberties with scenes that didn't quite happen in the game, but this is totally different from a well-defined scene... How much DOES he remember? :0
November 7th, 2015
I like it. It feels really stylized and let's you play with things to focus on and the feel of certain items based on color (e.g. that fire looks warm because it's not as muted)

Would limited colors help with animation too?
Is he remembering? :O
@William: Looks more like Asriel. Goat mom was enormous
.....did I miss something? When did RGB say the sun lost its heart? Or was this it, casually mentioning something that might be explained more in depth later?
You write intelligent characters a lot better than most. While engineering is often abused as a surrogate for writing characters more intelligent than yourself, here you demonstrate something much more profound.

Awesome <3
I'm thinking he passed out just after Oliver injected him and the rest of it was a hallucination.
I'd be perfectly fine with the rough drafts, especially if they make your life easier and you yourself are fine with it. We get this content for free, so we don't really have any right to complain about any perceived drop in quality like we're entitled to it.

I'd be really psyched to see this series animated. Even with static images you convey a sense of fluid motion which would come out really well in animation. Were you thinking of doing it independently (youtube, etc), or shooting for getting picked up by a network?
I have no idea who that's referring to...
Oh yeah, schizophrenic, positive hallucinations are a thing >__>
Ruby's right, WAT?!
@Taseli: Welcome to webcomic comments, where people will rip anyone limb from limb if given the right pathos.

I'll bet no one even considered what Wallis did to make Cake Girl so batshit insane.
I honestly like the original tales of genies better, where they were granting you wishes out of gratitude for freeing them from their lamp rather than out of some kind of obligation. It ties up all of the strange loopholes with wishing for more wishes because they'd just say, "fuck you, you get three you ungrateful prick".

Although they may not care if you ask for a magic artifact that gives you as many wishes as you want...

But that's not to say this comic isn't funny :P
January 7th, 2014
Oh my gosh, it's just so silly how terrible they are at keeping undercover
Hm, escapism from TV attacking one's inner demons to make them go away. Interesting... I like how symbolic this comic is.
Lol, is this entire comic going to be a spoof on the heroic adventure genre?
Something tells me someone's getting evicted :I


Also avatar: :3