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I draw armor and elves. Even in space. Space elves.
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I like it! Nicely done :)
Wow, love it! Looks great :) I'm hoping to buy them someday ^^
Go Lis, go!
But.... The wolves are kind of cute, you know....
I saw and I voted! Love your art and story :)
August 20th, 2013

I let the pages build up for a bit and came back and read a whole bunch at once. What a treat.

Love this comic. (Said it already, but y'know.)
I just love your line-work - so expressive!
oooh poor Caldwell. He looks rather nervous.
Hmmm Grey, not cool that first panel XD But, this is what I like about your characters. Their actions are natural and varied. Not everyone is gonna walk around spouting sunshine and daisies.
I like that they all have different things that have brought them here. See the world, improve oneself, discover something....

I want to see him prove himself in battle with alchemy, too. I'm curious!
Grey just gained a fan. In fact, I think the fan art I shall someday make will be of him XD
Hmm Junon's got a point, though he does come off as quite cold. But Sophia's just lovely!
lol XD "it just kept sticking to my staff and my arm"
Slimes gotta do what slimes gotta do!
@galaxyspark: Oh, really? Please share. I'm looking at going premium. I think the community is more ... talkative there, and it's a good first step to getting paid for your work. You already do nearly 15 pages a month anyway ^^ Thought it'd be nice to see your work there, too!
Aw, she's awesome. Look at that honestly interested expression! XD

BTW, have you ever thought of putting Spellcross on
Cute page!
Love it. Your chapter covers are amazing - makes me want to improve my own!
Awesome! I actually feel a bit freaked out by the lizard. Great decisions on "camera angle" for your panels :D
Love the expressions in that last panel.
The update brightened my day ^_^
My day's made! I love the last panel - that he's breaking out of it, especially, but his expression is freaking hilarious. Great!
I love this page. The details are fabulous, and Sheri's got such a cute happy face going on XD
hah! I love his expression in the fourth panel. Good story here ^_^