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The start-off will be retreading familar territory for a bit (for old readers) at least up until the end of the sequence.
Petal-a Magic-a
@Ultimate Yoshi: As previously stated, yes all that happened was a domain and name change. It's still the same comic.
Del? What are you doing here?
@Sapar: "Brought to you by the company sent to sabotage your arteries for the rest of your life."
@Ultimate Yoshi: Yeah that would work fine.
@Ultimate Yoshi: Ack! These reviews are coming out a bit quicker than I expected...

The comic is still undergoing some remakes at the moment, so it'd be better to skip over for now.
@8bithuman: Skyy's comment in panel 2 was a little bit blunt/rude.
@8bithuman: And also has tuft missing in panel 5.
@SuperScratchkat: If a sprite of Taigan lacks the tuft you can add it on y'know.
@Luigi_96: They're in the process of moving..
@SuperScratchkat: It isn't a parody of Universe Zero or Kirby Blast. (yet presumably)

Name for Chapter 3 needed via PM so I can start on the cover.