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Paradise Round
Alvy's determined!<3
Poor Alvy, he'll get the hang of it eventually!
Annnnd back to gratuitous sex! <3
After messing around in Photoshop for a long time, I think that I can finally edit my watercolor images in a way that keeps them looking like watercolors but still brightens and cleans up the image :)That's the good thing about this comic, it helps to keep me motivated and improve my work. Thanks for reading every week guys! <3
Thanks for sticking with me guys, sorry this page took so freaking long X___X I'll be back on track with the next one
Ohh Alvy, so full of self-denial XD
Just a quick sketch to thank everyone that reads my comic, I reeally appreciate it. Seriously, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside :insert cheesy, Lifetime movie-special music here:

Also, I wanted to make a point of showing you that Aden doesn't mind kowtowing once in a while (if the other guy is hot and/or rich enough, of course)... ;)
@unseen_ender: Thanx! :D I've been waiting for forever to get to the part of the comic where I actually get to explain this stuff X__X
Annnnd he's instantly snatched up XD If only his brother had strapped him to his seat, now he's going to get into all sorts of trouble...:sigh:
Arrgh, why do I set up these difficult to draw angles??!....:grumbles for five continuous minutes:
Woo, finally got this page up!
I'm excited about Chapter Two; I've been wanting to do this particular part of the plot for a while now :3
I finally found a use for the sepia pens that I bought by accident :p
Woot, next chapter coming up!
Sorry if the ink looks a little wonky on this one, my pen dried up on me right before I went to start on it Xp
@.Doomy: Who knows?? <.< He's a nosy little guy XD
@MsDaisy: Yup, no worries there ;)
Srry this one took so long X___X;
Wasn't sure how to color a nighttime scene, sooo i just kinda winged it, eheheh....<.<