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Nerxual Oh
I don't really consider myself to be 'furry', I appreciate art. I just don't share enough interest in the fandom or relate to the people in it enough to consider myself an actual furry. I do enjoy drawing animals a lot, and like their secondlife animal avatars.

How to pronounce my name; Ner-x-you-al.

Nicknames my friends call me: Nerx or Nerxy
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    Nerxual Oh
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Maybe he such an ass after all. Still don't like him much :P
Whole page is awesome XD Last 4 panels are my fave
:P Jack just inching for a fight ain't he?
I like this angel's outfit :)
I have seen pics too of what is under the dirt. Bit disturbing XD Still great page!
Don't say a thing to them!! D: They are the evil ones!!
Digletts can mean serious business. XD
Now I am very curious :3c
XD Awesome
O.o Shit just got real
XD That is adorable
Things are about to get serious! D:
XD Scary Lady. Nice.
What was that musical threater my sister in law's dumb boyfriend telling me about? :p A nerd who is a beginner at evil and he made a freeze ray. Horrible something it called. Evil leader was a horse >.>

But Freeze rays are everywhere with villians. It's unnatural obsession I tell ya. So guns like Kinesis is going to use, tells me he thinks outside of the box :D It's a good thing.
I agree with demi god or whatever that guy is taking control over the girl.
O.o It was Fickle! D: Poor thing! That's just as bad!
Alex, be brave for all of us readers. Knowing this is hard for you.
Make sure to piss off the devil for me k?! :D But do it in a smart way so he doesn't hurt ya or something.
Apples!! They did it!! D: OMG NOOOOOOOOOO PIFO!!
Nerxual Oh
March 20th, 2012
Awkward! XD