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A little much for a ten-year-old to have to do,don't you think?
@Hammerbro22: If you want to breed something like that,just somehow get a ditto.
@Mark: She was training at the time. She was neglecting Rothbert for a while,too.
@Mark: If you're going to hate anyone who loses a pokemon in a nuzlocke challenge,then you hate 99% of all nuzlockers.
4th-5th time reading through the nuzlocke.
I'm doing the same as poketrainergigi. Don't mind my comment.
and i officially name lyra: a stalker
Together 'till the end *wipes tear drop*. Best line ever.
A REALLY funny coincident is that it's already almost Christmas...
@Mark: Why in the world are you saying this? That's just being plain MEAN.
Ooooh,can I catch it?!?!
the first gary drawing looks like something Ken Sugimori would draw
weedalgu just mentally scarred me...
and i was just about to say that gary is NICER in this nuzlocke