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;) I loooooovvvvvvve everything ... basically muahahhahahhahahah (so random)

I draw randommly when it suits me but am kinda crap and kinda cant find an art syle hense the no webcomic :( but sooon i will have one sooon when i am good enough muahhahahahhahahahha
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:D I love this comic.. You're an amazing artist. I am scared that it will end. :(
~London, England
YAY KISSES :D, btw i have some fan art to give to yous :D how would i go about sending it?
It makes complete sense why thingy did this. She loved Andi and all <3
I actually love Richard X Henry so no complaints here ;) I will be sad for it to end though :(
i actually love how you have shown love/sadness :D it makes me feel warm and fuzzy