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Loving this sassy Mermaid. She reminds me of the Lady of the Lake in Doraleous and Associates.

But this lady is far more direct.
Ahaha. Called it! I mean this way the wand is always on hand. Er-in arm.
Aside from being in their sleeves... what if the wand is literally in their arms? What if they have wand bones?
I'd say maybe try kicking him off the cloud... but he can fly.
As far as conspiracy walls go this one's pretty impressive.
"Mesoduke" is very satisfying to say.
Amadeus Gloom
That mustache has gone to his head.
The secret lives of NPCs.
George has the brazen confidence to just walk into people's houses unannounced and steal their stuff from right in front of them.

So I'm thinking she can act.
So wait, the rainbow dreads were an unintentionally brilliant decision on Wallace's part?
Hobo will remember this.
My guess is that it depends on the kind of undead you're dealing with.

Ghosts most definitely don't need the bathroom what with not having a body. Zombies probably don't or if they do it's not going to matter when they start falling apart. Vampires probably do, much less often than living humans but if they're drinking blood they'll likely need someway of releasing excess fluids.

The other question is are the undead aware that they may not need to ever use the bathroom again? Cause I can see them being confused on that issue.

Maybe that Redead just thinks its been constipated for decades?
I'm not... sure what seems so confusing to Harold and Purple?
I don't know, making arbitrary objects or things disappear sounds like it could fit comfortably into his magic show.

So snatching people's wands seems like a perfect fit.
Don't reveal your secrets!

Granted, the magician's assistant is supposed to know how the trick works so... I guess this is okay. But nobody else!
She jump good.
@Person: MGACIC
Hmm... maybe too high...
She gonna tackle a Wallis.