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Wallis has a really good point and is dead on right I think...

However, I can't help but suspect he also simply hasn't noticed the missing leg.

Granted, if he's already been talking to someone about what Assistant did he may have already learned about her injury well in advance.
@BattleStarX: Can't face the faceless, eh?

Is that ironic or appropriate?
When Team Rocket steals your pokemon call a random kid pokemon trainer to help.

When a random kid pokemon trainer steals your pokemon, OH SHIT CALL THE POLICE!!
Abel: You're squared with her but not with me. I don't take theft lightly. I'm banning you from the Pokemon storage system. Hope you're good with having only 6 pokemon, ever.
@Guest: It's almost literally something George has already said before. :D

Translation: It's a bribe. Go away. Don't come back.
Hmm... is this a jump off the train moment or are they stopping soon?
Hey, it worked for Ash Ketchum. Just go with it Atticus.
@Loverofpiggies: *thumbs up*

Good to hear. :)
@BattleStarX: Honestly it's a wonder that he can run at all. His mom never gave him the running shoes.
Well... we could press charges on you for stealing a pokemon and that ship ticket but... seeing as you returned
Abel's Eevee and indirectly got Abel and I all reconciled how about instead I give you a Thunder badge and in return you conveniently forget that I ever tried electrocute you both with my mysterious unexplained lightning powers.
I'm just hearing the "end of episode" Pokemon Anime music in my head throughout this whole scene.
Stunned Crowd: Gasp! That gym leader just blew up that building! Terrorist!
This literally just started playing in my head:
@H0lyhandgrenade: Well, if they were metal then jumping inside the bins and pulling the lid down would work pretty well.

That said, I wouldn't expect the average Pokemon trainer to know that. Nor would I expect the average Pokemon Gym Leader to respect the laws of physics.
And now Link finally learns what it's like for a protagonist to come in unannounced and root through all your things. At least he doesn't have to worry about his pots being smashed...
Oh, do you know who owns this Eevee? This pokeball wasn't labeled and I found on the road outside town.

I haven't had a chance to find it's owner yet and I decided an extra member on my team while I try to get a badge couldn't hurt...
Uh... wonder trade?
Congratulations! Your "trump card" is another underdog.