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I think I'm ready to head back.


Hmm... could she be related to the Mancers themselves?
Rat seems more terrified of the positive reinforcement than he does in an actual battle.
Really sympathizing with Rat now.
I'm pretty sure it's not cool when teens do it either.
Where's the Human center when you need one?
Thanks for the advice, strange homeless orphan child.
Well, accodring to what I've found so far, and managed to cross reference?

It's old as shit.


Before this tower was built nobody pooped. No one knows how that worked. Perhaps this tower transformed the very biology of every living thing? It's a profound mystery. But we know for sure it occurred.

The documentation about shit suddenly happening is everywhere.
You just let the perfect mark stroll away, Atticus.
Lol, the "perfect" cover.
He got her name, presumably some way to contact her, and most importantly he got a second date.

Spy work is a long con, you're not going to get any useful info on a first date. You have to build trust first before you can betray it.

He's your spirit guide Atticus. You've smoked so many cigarettes that you're now on a vision quest. That's super impressive considering tobacco isn't a hallucinogen.
That's life as a protagonist for ya.
Unclever title
This is what happens when you centralize your entire culture around a single theme.
I thought he seemed pretty fly for an Indigo guy... now we know why.
Ganondorf moves into town, starts making friends and trades. Eventually acquires the Triforce from a fortune cookie.

Ganondorf: "WHAT!?"
Is, is this a Team Rocket intervention?
Atticus: Dragonthing... Why haven't you burned your restraints, yet?

DT: ...

Atticus: Okay, I get that you're muzzled so yeah, no firebreath. But your tails is on fire, remember?

DT: !

Atticus: Did you seriously not think of that until now?