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Well, I really love anime and i love drawing but I'm getting better.
I also like to talk proper and with good diction.
I really love this comic, I,be following it since the start and I just can't get over the way Craig is standing all sassy-like. XD
YES! AN UPDATE! Please continue i want to see where this story is going!
This comic is adorable!!!

You deserve way more fan than what you have now <3 <3 <3

Keep up the good work!
Hey Minty!
When your birthday is coming up, DO you want any of these hats?
I still follow this comic <3
Second Panel is a cute Theo <3333
I really liked it when you changed the gender of the guys from square in that one picture.
It was a good concept.
You could do a strip when the boys changed genders and how people reacted. :D
just an idea.
Minty, What are your biggest pet peeves?
Sexual Twins
Where's Vodka? He's probably Sleeping.
January 24th, 2012
Yay! An update~ Congrats on the magazine!~
I'm glad your back! I can't wait for more.
Question for Question duck
What is Yoai?
This is to get a taste about how i draw..
and my love of domo. :)