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What a bitch. I hope she gets kicked in the face.
Bwahaha it's a cat playing with a mouse!
Gah!! Oh how cute :)
Honestly now I need to wait for an update? Wait??? What is wrong with you! How can you be so cruel!
Instant terror. Awe poor baby :(
Oh wow. I figured as much but still, wow.
Gah!! Still a cliff hanger! For me anyway >_>
I really really want an update Omg the tension!
Neh....Poor babies no :<
Fucking A can we have some happy now??
You must post a link to the English version so can buy it O_O
I hope Inori punches anyone who interrupts.
Oh thank you holy creator.
Now just let them be together, dont let anyone interrupt them!
Oh finally, YES!!
No one had better interrupt them.
Awe my heart! The poor baby :(
yes! bring on the threesome!!
Oooh I actually know what the mucus problem is. You might want to invest in Tylan powder for the future and do some research on Chicken MG
here is a link
Its really common in chcikens, mine got it a while back, but it was beyond the point that I could control it. I strongly suggest you take steps now for your little fluffy babys :D
Oooh threesome....please, threesome...PLEASE THREESOME!!!