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Grey Annis
The artist formerly known as Shamdu.
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And the little brother makes his appearance.
@Pixiesmooch: I hope to one day! Maybe after I finish with this chapter. glad to hear you'd want a physical copy. :)
@Guest: He's totally rad.
@Emor: Yeah it takes forever to go away :( And thanks! they're pretty difficult to draw.
@J.A.K.: Vampires suck, innit? And thanks!
Ugh, I'm endlessly sick. :( at least I can kinda draw again now.
Argh, sorry for disappearing for so long! I had some issues with my film, and I had a bit of a hard time returning to the comic.
For the longest time I wasn't sure about how to do this scene with the police and all, so I just went for something that wouldn't require too much research about police prosedures, lol.
Sadly I won't be able to update next week... So I'll leave this cliffhanger for now. Follow my Tumblr for updates! (or don't, if you don't want to see my dumb fanart and whinings... At least I don't reblog sassy gifsets!)
@Dual blader: Thanks! foreboding works fine for me~
@No-Name9: Thanks a lot!! Glad you like it!
@CallmePhipps: Oh.... Oh myyyy
@Emor: Thanks! :) Yeah, it's not meant to be consistent, otherwise I think the pages would look a bit bland. I try to use it according to the mood, how it fits the rest of the page and such.
Too bad he forgot to bring his iPhone.
@Emor: Yup, I use a lot of references lately... More than last chapter at least. I wanted to have a better sense of the time and place in this chapter. :)
As for time period.... I don't want to commit to a specific year for now, so it's pretty much late 40s/early 50s.
And nope :( I still have several, but I should try looking at more stores.
@Random Stalker: Aw thanks! And comments are great1 :)
@MannyKat8x: Aww thanks! glad you like the coloring.
@Dual blader: Thanks!! =D
@erdbeere: Thanks! And the more the merrier. :)
The car is Millie's. Paul can't really afford one. Any reservations he had about her being his assistant disappeared once she brought out the car.
Sometimes I really regret my decision to make the pages so small. Maybe I should make them bigger so I can fit all this damn text in.
Argh, the brush pens I use to ink the comic are out of stock in every store and none has any intention to restock. When I asked they said something like "Naw, we don't like them". What the hell??
And man, these crowd scenes are just awful for my hand,
Sorry for late page, the school year has just started and I'm trying to adjust.
So when I was in the US I saw a lot of bikers who do the biker culture thing or something, with those big heavy motorcycles drawings of eagles or some shit on them and leather coats and pants and all... They were all old though, I don't think I saw a single young person on a motorcycle. Maybe it was because of the places I was in... I saw that type of people in other countries too, but in the US there's just a lot more of them.
The bikers in this comic are from a different generation though. Back when Motorcycles were cheap, bikers were young and no one wore helmets.
@RadicalTrain: I've been to Boston and didn't see any!
@Dual blader: Thanks!!
Arrgh, hopefully I'll get better at drawing those motorcycles the more of them I draw. So many small details! Scooters are so much easier to draw, but for some reason they're nonexistent in America. The only guy I saw riding a scooter when I was in the area was in Toronto and he was a crazy hobo.
Oh well, vampires on scooters would be pretty lame anyway.
@anon: Well, I'm glad you like it. it was really screwed up when I drew it though, had to fix a lot. :(
@Dual blader: Thanks! I'll try.
@Wheat: Don't give me ideas!
@DrSlug: Aw thanks! I checked your DA profile, your comic looks pretty neat as well! I'm reading it right now. XP
Ugh that top Panel is really messed up.
From now on I guess this comic becomes somewhat harder for me to draw. So far I didn't have too much complex stuff like crowd scenes or vehicles and now I have to draw plenty of those. I hope that this will help give the comic more of a sense of place and the time period, something I feel has been lacking so far, and also make things a little more interesting.
@grifendel: Yup, he sure is. Bet he doesn't have many friends who aren't detectives.
@HeyKid: Better than a werehamster.
@BASS: Werewolves are just naturally suave.
@Draco276: It's the kind of thing you get used to when hanging out with monsters I guess.
@reborn-gp: He can't help it. :(
@Dual blader: Thanks! Fixed it. I really appreciate you helping to make this comic less of a typo filled clusterfuck. :)
@GONE: More like 60 years before it. Those werewolves and vampires look at their grandchildren and grumble about kids today.
I'm back!
@Skriptkitty: oh yeah!
@tentaclesandtypography: aw thanks!!
@Dual blader: thanks! And it's not a bother at all, I really appreciate those corrections! I tend upload pages late at night so I'm too tired to notice all those typos....