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Look at my Random Fanfiction series on DeviantART!
Classic's good, but I'd shorten his quills a little bit. Everything else is perfect in my opinion.
As another author once said, "OH HELL NO!"
Emerl with eyes, Gemerl with eyes, or an Omochao/Metal Sonic with BIGGER eyes.
@Celestial_Wolf: Tails transformed into a girl has happened before? I've only heard of Sonic transformed into a girl, not that.
Reminds me of Sagat in the last two panels.
I feel your pain.
With the "God of Destruction" and "Ooga Booga Booga" stuff, I'm starting to think of Pocket God.
I've seen three crossovers, too many! I'm reading Quite Different!
What megasxir said.
And they thought Knuckles was dumb!
That explains the Advertisement for Bar'd down there.
I wouldn't be surprised if Fox showed up at Melissa's house.
Knuckles knows that he can't date his own ancestor, right?
Tails: Oh, heck no!
Knuckles: It's so offensive it's funny!
You know, if tears were forming in Amy's eyes, I would hate this version of Tails.

Good thing that isn't happening. ):(
Pretty obvious that you got it from Sprites INC.

It's the only good place other than the Spriters' Resource to get Megaman sprites.
Which one's Prairie and which one's Ciel?
Could of used a Sonic sprite, you know.