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I've always pictured in my mind Skye being more on the muscular side, but I didn't have the artistic skill to draw him the wanted I wanted. Here's my attempt at a "buff" Skye. Now he looks like a blonde Makoto Tachibana....
Cyan's favorite food is fish. <3 (note: eating fish doesn't make Cyan a cannibal! only eating another mer-person would make him a cannibal. big fish eat smaller fish all the time) ;)

Special thanks to the folks on Patreon who have supported me <3 <3 <3
A re-draw of the scene when Skye and Cyan's shared their first kiss in the backyard pool <3

my Patreon:
Patreon Rewards: Patrons will be the first to see never before seen Surfer x Merman art as well as other brand new art created by me. Patrons will also be the only people who get to see Patreon exclusive Surfer x Merman art. Patrons will also be the first to read my new series, The Ravenous Wolf. Minimum pledge is $1.

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All 32 Chapters of The Surfer and the Merman:

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Patreon Reward #2
This is the 2nd reward for my patrons on Patreon. Thank you so much for your support! More Skye x Cyan images to come! :)
Unfortunately, I don't have enough pledges to continue the webcomic or the story. Want to see more of The Surfer and the Merman? Please become a patron and support me on Patreon! --
This was the first prize for Patrons on my Patreon! Want to see more of Cyan and Skye? Support me on Patreon here:

The more support-- the more content I create! With enough support I will create more comics for the story! :)
Hi, everyone! I hope that you're having a good 2016 so far! :)

I check my email pretty regularly on deviantart, youtube, smackjeeves, etc. and I get messages from people nearly every day asking for a continuation of my original series, "The Surfer and the Merman." Even though the story ended a couple years ago people still seem to be interested in it. So I thought I'd finally give people what they want and create more content for "The Surfer and the Merman"!!

This will be a Patreon funded project. For only $1 a month you can help fund "The Surfer and the Merman." The more patrons- the more content I create!
Patrons will be the first to see the never-before-seen Surfer x Merman art! I already have one brand new image complete-- it is the image blurred above.

Patrons can also vote for what I should create next! Not only will I create new Surfer x Merman content, I will also ask people if they want to see any other art, such as new OCs or some fan art

Redbubble Store
All of the extra art is available on Redbubble as prints, stickers, etc. --
@lunabob: thanks for your words of encouragement! I'm glad you enjoyed the ending. :)
@Ralend: thank you so much, and I'm glad you enjoyed my comic while it lasted. :)
I decided to drop this webcomic. 2016 is going to be the busiest year of my life, and I honestly can't see myself having the time to continue this project. I don't want to leave you guys without an ending, so here is the written script-- 348234?ga_submit_new=10%253A1453610562&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1&ga_rec ent=1

Please read the description before reading ^_^

Sorry that I have to give up on this comic! I hope you enjoy the written story instead. Thank you for reading and following my webcomic.
my deviantart:
I was going to order prints of this comic from a doujinshi printing company that I found online, but then I found out that they have a 25 page minimum and this comic isn't even half that length. I highly doubt I'll ever add on to this comic to make it longer since I was originally planning on this being a short, fun, and quick project. :/
more to come
this may be the end of the comic but I still have a few extra art pieces that I'm going to post :)
Please Support My Art on Patreon--
You can follow me on my tumblr if you want to see more of my art :) --
First Page!
18+ Content Warning: Full Nudity, Graphic Sexual Content

Series: Adventure Time

Pairing: Fionna x Marshall Lee (Fiolee)

My first hentai dounjinshi! I'm posting this here on smackjeeves because I can't post all of the pages on my deviantart. "Good Little Girl" will update once a week on Wednesdays at noon. This comic will be very short and won't have much plot but it will include some featured extra art at the end.
next month I'll be in Japan so expect slow updates, sorry. I can't work on the comic while I'm away from home :(
I'm losing a lot of motivation to draw this comic. I feel like I'm getting lazier and lazier with each page. I know I can draw a lot better than this, but I just don't have the drive anymore. I've been working on other art projects that I'm more interested in and there's a big difference in the quality of my art. The more interested I am in drawing something-- the better the art looks. I don't really think I'm going to quit this comic though. I've come this far and I'm about 1/3 complete. I'll probably see it through until the end but I honestly won't be happy about it.
Friendly reminder that the pages of my comic look a lot better on my deviantart ( I had to squish them down to fit on this website, so they don't look as good as the original file.