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Is it odd of me to say I would be overjoyed if it were Steve or Sally come to collect me?
Why not just stick the fat cat in the bag and zip it shut? Give him Schrodinger's world. Unless and until the bag is opened, everything around him both is and isn't happening at the same time. The existential conundrum will override his disbelief in flight, and Rremly will be able to carry him.
And now the 'ohmigosh she's an orphan' reaction making them love her all the more and she ends up in her first parental hug ever...and probably breaks down crying as soon as she relaxes her 'kill' instincts.
@Darwinskeeper: Well, for that second one, I was trying to think of what would be the most hilariously awkward "already met" scenario possible.
Alternatively, they recognize Fel because she's delivered to them before, not knowing she was delivering to her boyfriend's parents.

Kepp in mind what she delivers on her job...
My Prediction for what happens...
Dad: You landed a hot cosplayer? Nicely done, son!
Mom: Why weren't you telling us?
Al: Uhh...
Fel: I asked him not to because I was afraid you'd judge me for it like I have been in the past!
Al: What she said.
Mom: Oh dear, we're not ones to judge your choice of lifestyle...
Fel: *breathes a sigh of relief*
Dad: Besides, if there's one thing experience has taught me, alternative lifestyle types are really freaky in bed! Great choice, son!
Al: Dad! Why are you talking like that in front of Mom?
Mom: Who did you think he was talking about, Sweetie?
Al: *blush*
Fel: I like your parents.
Mom: So when can we expect grandkids?
Al and Fel: ...
..."her deceiving green eyes..."

That's what that prophecy Knuckles got all that long ago said.

...I think we found the green eyes...
Nowhere in the rules of the den is interactions with humans - anywhere from casual acquaintances to bosses to lovers - is forbidden or punishable to any extent. Her relationship with the human she made the leg for is her personal business, and no business of the judges or the rest of the den. If such interactions weren't allowed, Fel licking her boyfriend to show he was hers would have gotten her immediately shunned.
Time Travel rules
Actually, all things considered, if Megaman managed to save Maria, all he'd have to do to preserve the timeline is either
A) find her someplace quiet to live for the next 50 years and have her promise not to interfere with any major world events until he came to visit her again, or
B) Use some form of time travel to warp her to the present.
I know what Mega Hedgehog could do to Miranda!

"..9999999999999 bottles of beer on the wall, 9999999999999 bottles of beer!..." etc.
I just realized...Shadow's smiling in the last panel!
Maybe it's because Megaman just told the commander that they don't exist in the future.
Wait a minute!
For Crash Bomb and Bubble Doc Robot throwing his head at them?? Cause that's what the little image looks like he's doing.
So much for Sonic's recognition "high".
Maybe he fell on it?
As I understand it, the general's aren't actually space pirates, but other alien races that have impressed the pirates with their capabilities and have become mainstay's of their forces. In exchange, they get the best health plans and the lion's share of the profits.
I would think Blaze's language might be just a little stronger in this situation. I mean, I don't know much about the respective characters, but I'm guessing that, in this continuity, they're at least friends. So, if I were Blaze, and my friend just killed a potential ally, stabbed himself in the face with their weapon, leaving me alone to face off against two armies of robots and the scientists that control them, my language would be a lot stronger than "heck".
Looks like someone hasn't read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

A babelfish is a fish-like organism that feeds off the neuro-transmitter signals of the brain. It lives inside a person's ear, and translates everything they hear into their native language.

...I think I got the details right on that one.
Nothing in particular...
...that he can say in front of his little sister, at any rate.
So, Ivo really did become an evil scientist to live up to his Grandfather's legacy. Not because of what he heard about him, but because Gerald told him to that one Christmas.

This explains why Ivo was so confused about Gerald's recording on the Ark during the Last Story of SA2:Battle.