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is a lazy artist who has too much free time O_______O
and lots of story ideas
and nothing to say
CRAPPPPPPPP i forgot the was...
oh well im to lazy to change it
my dad walked in my room well i was colouring this he started laughing O_________O

ps sorry bout the style change i changed it so i can finish pages faster
Rainbows not my forte but that is
wat is this
im so sorry i wanted to upload more but i got so behide!
any way 3 pages for tomorrow or at least 2!
Fun Fact:
Haru hates hights thats why he's in a tree!
Welcome people
Hi Neko<3 here thankyou for looking at my first webcomic on smackjeeves.
hope you like it!

and please ignore the horridness of this page my laptop was malfuctioning