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October 4th, 2013
yay! a new page :D cant wait for more! :D
I dont trust you! you piece of horny shit

lmao ummmm
thanks for the update you lovely thing ;D
Ugh poor baby :( he deserves something better. My friends went through the same thing.'s too emotionally distressing:( he'll find love won't he????
mmm dont do it cutie D:
Ooh how cute ~<3 my little baby
aww baby, i just wanna pick you up and snuggle you forever :3
So funny, I have herpes

Digging your grave son
whats your name?
you are adorable <3
Lmao that's perfect x)
I have a bad feeeling :'|
Oh god stubborn little thing he is x)
Oh my god! Yessss
@Inxerene: perfect comment with the perfect-est icon lmao
Can't wait for more :D
Haha what a tragic way to live