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Names M. not much to say. I work on 3 manhwa's all of which are boys love.

I update when I can trying every week but it's being about 2 weeks between for now. but I'm doing my best TT.TT

Nemution: is a Yaoi comic but you will get blurred or black pages when the yaoi is there (rules and regulations on SJ forbid me to post them)

inner heart: version Mature (no yaoi pages seen, adult version on tumblr and Drunk duck)

indomitable spirit: just straight boys love for now. not a yaoi comic.

links can be found in the web page or I will post them underneath the pages.
@man in black: I'm sure he did. XD
@inuyashagrl23: lol glad you think so. XD
@man in black: they really do, not sure if they are actually friends or they just hate each other.... x.x"
@man in black: lol I don’t know about that and Danny still is doesn’t like him
@man in black: he is, also he the head of the team so he tries to train them and oyalu has a bad heart he doesn’t want him overextending himself
@inuyashagrl23: the three characters with oyalu actually are characters belonging to kiahl, random guest star characters I guess more or less is what they are. I am glad you like him though.
@man in black: not necessarily. it's more like a why is he doing those things kind of sigh. Danny doesn't really think it's right for him to act or do the things tamu does.
@Dark-Kyo123: "what's wrong with you?" and "have you lost your mind." something like that anyways. and I'm glad this page made you laugh. Oyalu really hasn't any idea exactly how strong he really is. and he's way to cocky. x.x" it's a wonder why people punch him.
@man in black: it does and zatty is very confused of what being said to him and why
@man in black: lol is it? And sorry I haven’t replied to the other comments been a bit crazy the last few weeks.
November 30th, 2017
he's upset, the little demon not to happy about what happened.
November 20th, 2017
@man in black: he’s not really talking about his scent but I get where that seems like it. It will be clearer I hope in alter pages
@man in black: he in Tamu house lol he did get caught still there though
I am so sorry, I thought this updated on time but it turns out it didn’t so I updated it now XC
@man in black: it’s goid thing right? At least they have happy faces :)
@Dark-Kyo123: awe thank you so much! I did that one in korea I tried I had to draw on the tablet so they all look a bit off but thankyou glad you like it!
@man in black: he’s in Tanya house so tamu actually snoozing in the bed Danny was on the floor sleeping but basically no one else is there
October 26th, 2017
@man in black: I think zatucha a bit tounge tided this weirdo walked through the window. Lol thank you so much for the comment though I love reading them!
@inuyashagrl23: those two are probably the most fuzziest couple in here. ROFL
@man in black: at least they been going out for a while though. LOL