Names M. not much to say. I work on 3 manhwa's all of which are boys love.

I update when I can trying every week but it's being about 2 weeks between for now. but I'm doing my best TT.TT

Nemution: is a Yaoi comic but you will get blurred or black pages when the yaoi is there (rules and regulations on SJ forbid me to post them)

inner heart: version Mature (no yaoi pages seen, adult version on tumblr and Drunk duck)

indomitable spirit: just straight boys love for now. not a yaoi comic.

links can be found in the web page or I will post them underneath the pages.
@man in black: it wouldn't the sad thing is with the class system and how they teach shaolin to behave kind of changes how he looks at things
@inuyashagrl23: yah it is a bit sad Luie had a good friend or so till shaolin ended up being told otherwise
@man in black: I forgot that the other pages are not posted yet. And I was going to say something else but didn't lol. But it does sound easy and it is good no one got that ability that would be too powerful
@man in black: he can be the cranky guy
hi, so I'm trying this auto update thing, I managed to get a few pages done before I leave on my month trip. if it doesn't go through I'll try and check while I'm in Korea, but I will be with family so we'll see how much time I get to check.

in the mean time enjoy the page! and I'll do my best to reply if I get any comments. ^-^ thankyou again everyone for your support!
possible my last page before I leave for a month, I'll be in Korea, However I am trying to have a few pages outlined and ready in the computer so if I have time I can tone them or color if need be.

thank you!
@Oboro: it took me a while to actually go from Korean to English. So I wrote it just in english. Thank you though. Sorry I wrote this in English I have the Korean keyboard on my phone but I am not used to the layout so it takes me longer to type.
But I hope you enjoy the comic thank you

Although I admit thanks to the iPhone it has korean auto correct which helps a lot.
@Oboro: 아, 그렇군요. 너는 한국어를 좋아하니? 나는 한국어로 만화책을 썼지만 아무도 한글을 읽는 법을 몰라서 한글로 쓰는 것을 멈추었다. 그 만화는 영어로만 되어 있다.
나는 만화책을 한국어로 번역하고 싶지만 너무 바빠.
@Oboro: 네, 한국 사람이에요. 너도 한국 사람이에요?
@man in black: lol, yes he did. But catty not happy where he at locked up. At least it's a nice room.
@man in black: yep! and I just realized I put 'top' instead of 'to' my brain doesn't work well when I rush through pages x.x"
@man in black: thank you so much!
I live... well for a little bit anyways.. I will be leaving in Aug. to visit family in Korea, which means this comic may look like it has a "hiatus" on it but I promise you it's only cause I don't know if I'll have pages ready for Aug. or if I can update while I'm there I'll be visiting family and you know how it is. time is GONE! anyways! here's the page and if anything I may just update with photos if that. so this comic is still alive and kicking or trying to keep it from going "hiatus"

enjoy the page!
@Dark-Kyo123: thank you so very much sorry for the late reply. haven't been feeling well lately.
@man in black: possible part of the reason. tamu just a lost.
@Guest: lol thank you so much at least someone found what he said funny. Koto pretty blunt about things. or he maybe just upset it was brought up and felt he had to put his input in.
I know the pages are really late this week. I can't really keep saying sorry, but I will say as I said in my other comic, I do suffer from depression, and I don't take meds for it so when it hits me it hits me like a rock, you suffer from it you know the feeling. but I can barely do anything and I nearly collapsed at work cause for the first time my body just gave out and I nearly feel face first into the floor.

anyways the page is up I hope you enjoy it and thank you everyone for staying with me.
I hate having depression, it hits you like a rock out of nowhere and you can't get anything done. I am really sorry for being so slow everyone x.x"
I realize that the characters appearing in this book are bit of spoilers if you pay close attention to how they look. x.x"
@inuyashagrl23: he's starting to go down hill with his emotions sadly. poor guy can't catch a break and things are piling on him like bricks.
I admit the old version of these pages were just silly. I think and I was young and stupid. LOL okay not really, but the idea was more silly I think. Chu's personality is different as well being the old one he freaked out and ran in circles, based on a 'personality' switch which is taken out of the newer version. so it's more sentimental then the old.

anyways sorry for the delay again. I'm having some issues with liking the way the pages come out and falling asleep or being lazy. thank you everyone for sticking with me and reading!