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Names M. not much to say. I work on 3 manhwa's all of which are boys love.

I update when I can trying every week but it's being about 2 weeks between for now. but I'm doing my best TT.TT

Nemution: is a Yaoi comic but you will get blurred or black pages when the yaoi is there (rules and regulations on SJ forbid me to post them)

inner heart: version Mature (no yaoi pages seen, adult version on tumblr and Drunk duck)

indomitable spirit: just straight boys love for now. not a yaoi comic.

links can be found in the web page or I will post them underneath the pages.
November 20th, 2017
@man in black: he’s not really talking about his scent but I get where that seems like it. It will be clearer I hope in alter pages
@man in black: he in Tamu house lol he did get caught still there though
I am so sorry, I thought this updated on time but it turns out it didn’t so I updated it now XC
@man in black: it’s goid thing right? At least they have happy faces :)
@Dark-Kyo123: awe thank you so much! I did that one in korea I tried I had to draw on the tablet so they all look a bit off but thankyou glad you like it!
@man in black: he’s in Tanya house so tamu actually snoozing in the bed Danny was on the floor sleeping but basically no one else is there
October 26th, 2017
@man in black: I think zatucha a bit tounge tided this weirdo walked through the window. Lol thank you so much for the comment though I love reading them!
@inuyashagrl23: those two are probably the most fuzziest couple in here. ROFL
@man in black: at least they been going out for a while though. LOL
@Dark-Kyo123: thank you I am glad you like it. Took a bit to get done
@man in black: thank you I am happy to hear you like it.
@man in black: thank you so much!
@man in black: Luie worries a lot. Although you are right he maybe looking at it all wrong.
@man in black: thank you! I am having some issues drawing the next few pages but let's hope it comes out okay
@man in black: I guess that's up to the reader to decide. The next pages may make everyone happy though :)
made it to book 3!! the books title is 'afternoon' the chapter title is waiting for someone.
drew in korea on the tablet, ignore the sad drawing! anyway Theo on a cover page!

btw for those that read this far book 3 is are mid mark, there's only 5 books to this story. so we are part way to the end! ^-^
September 1st, 2017
@inuyashagrl23: the character appeared in the comic the first time around somewhere in later volumes, the character was depicted as a vampire if you remember still is one but added horns. Not saying he name though. He meaning the same but changed it to a Korean name vs the Japanese because all characters got some revamped personalities lol
September 1st, 2017
@man in black: you'll find out what that demon thing looking for lol
I finished this while I was in korea, I don't have paper so I drew this directly on the tablet, which may make this image look a bit off, but I did try my best. the story has 3 snipits in it, nothing explained thoroughly unless you figured out who everyone is. anyways It's not the best but I tried. enjoy the cover!

thank you for reading everyone I hope you enjoy it so far. ^-^
@man in black: it wouldn't the sad thing is with the class system and how they teach shaolin to behave kind of changes how he looks at things