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Names M. not much to say. I work on 3 manhwa's all of which are boys love.

I update when I can trying every week but it's being about 2 weeks between for now. but I'm doing my best TT.TT

Nemution: is a Yaoi comic but you will get blurred or black pages when the yaoi is there (rules and regulations on SJ forbid me to post them)

inner heart: version Mature (no yaoi pages seen, adult version on tumblr and Drunk duck)

indomitable spirit: just straight boys love for now. not a yaoi comic.

links can be found in the web page or I will post them underneath the pages.
sorry the page is late, I got caught up in doing something else that I neglected to finish the page. been a bit of a head pain lately with work and all. anyways enjoy the page sorry it's so late. x.x"
sorry the pages is late :(
the whole drawing on tablet didn't last long... I kept getting dizzy staring at the screen and it wasn't a size I am used to drawing on, so I went back to paper drawing and digital coloring.
Also it may look a bit strange, but I only changed the art style a little, I think more or less because this comic wasn't suppose to look as 'cartoonish' as my other two, so I tired something different and flatten the hair, and did a little different coloring in the eyes. not much.

sorry for the late update, seems I maybe updating late on all my comics for a bit, I tended to have a mental break down and wanted to chuck my art cause I couldn't seem to get pages right, and I started to try and work on to many things at once, mainly, 'covers, redrawing comic, and trying to create the actual story book for this comic.' as well as trying a different style in the art. x.x" anyways I'll try and be better.

thank you everyone for sticking with me.
O.0 it was calm for a little bit. Lol oh goodness this can’t be good
@ashtree-house: if I actually knew how to sew human clothes I’d make you one.
@man in black: very true, and koto not there lol
@Dark-Kyo123: lol unicorn onesie rofl not really , who doesn’t want to be a unicorn
Love the intermission page and the other pages you posted it’s good you are back to drawing again!
So the page is a week late from it's original update, I had a lot of issues with tablet drawing, and of course windows messing with the pressure of the pen. So I wasn't able to do any drawing (I started drawing on the table to try and cut time) So the pages may not look completely perfect for a while. I don't really draw on these things.

However, I posting this late, sort of, but I have one page backed up and another page that I need to tone. so I will do my best to keep the pages on time.

I forgot Mia markings on his face!!!!!!!!!!!!! XC my life...
notice anything different? I recently started to take the long shot of drawing on the tablet, not on paper no more, because I started to have the tossing pages issue because I couldn't get it to look right and needing to save paper, I resort to this... so if my art a bit wonky that's why till I get used to this damn drawing on tablet, WHICH IS VERY HARD! TT.TT took me over a week just to do the backgrounds. not to mention the drawings.

btw there is an 'adult' page, but as I stated they are blurred out so you won't see anything, I will post DD link so you can view the page there if you need to see it.
these are blurred pages, unblurred pages can be found on Drunk duck:
btw I just notice that I am so out of it that i messed the text up on this page really badly. I'm sorry everyone! TT.TT
@man in black: LOL, I'm not sure what to say to that.

@inuyashagrl23: yah he lost his first love I guessing. Temasuru is not nice ...
so, I missed updates, and didn't get any more pages loaded.

1. windows update decided to mess the pen up, I have a surface pro so even turning off windows ink was epic fail, I use photoshop and recently I started drawing on the computer because I had issues where I kept messing up pages on paper and redrawing those pages made me irritated to the point I wanted to cry. this just made it worst.

2. I tried to download GIMP, it's suppose to be similar to photoshop and I tried to draw on it, epic fail, took me 5 days to even get a drawing done, at which point it's the last page on the recent loaded, so you'll notice a lot of jagged lines, and my drawing style looks off. TT.TT

3. windows finally fixed the bug and gave us code to fix the problem, meaning I can use my old crappy PS again! However, again I am new to drawing on the computer so bare with me if my arts a bit off for a while.

thank you !
@man in black: I'm sure he did. XD
@inuyashagrl23: lol glad you think so. XD
if you're thinking something about that last panel it's most likely not what you're thinking.
@man in black: they really do, not sure if they are actually friends or they just hate each other.... x.x"
@man in black: lol I don’t know about that and Danny still is doesn’t like him
@man in black: he is, also he the head of the team so he tries to train them and oyalu has a bad heart he doesn’t want him overextending himself
@inuyashagrl23: the three characters with oyalu actually are characters belonging to kiahl, random guest star characters I guess more or less is what they are. I am glad you like him though.