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Borupen Studios is a collective of writers, artists, voice actors, and cosplayers

Our mission is to tell rich and captivating stories through various media. It'd also be nice if we taught people a thing or two!

We currently offer three webcomics:
Life with Marie
Life with Anne-Elise
The Blue Carmen

We are also currently working on a videogame which is TBA, so keep an eye out for it!

-Borupen! team
Oppa Puffs!
You'll go uguu for them!

We'll be selling this 11x17" print and many others during some upcoming conventions and eventually online as well. Let us know your thoughts!
@lalaland: Thank you for such kind words!!!
@akira16: why thank you!!
@GONE: Too bad we can't like comments, because I like this particular one!
@Floo96YG: you have very keen eyes! We'll find out soon enough....
@Floo96YG: innnnnnnterestinggggg
@GONE: she's got the army of knights!!!
@framboise: ;D nice pick up
@GONE @zaharat: Thank you! We'll try our best at making this series awesome :)
@zaharat: we'll try our best! don't forget to check out Life with Marie as well, which is a different side of the "Life with" universe
@zaharat: thank you for the critique! we've heard that people would like to see the scenes expanded out, so this will be incorporated :D
@Talim656: suspicious indeed.... she's a doctor though!
@NoBodyBut Meh: Because polaroids are cool!! and they're great evidence too :D
@Andrew Wolfwood @Incuro: Ah! here is a quick synopsis: Veronica wants to go to the Crystals Con with Alasdair, and Nathan wants to go with Elizabeth. Unfortunately, as Elizabeth's bodyguards, Alasdair, Rainier and Adrian would never let that happen. So, Marie devises a plan to knock out both Rainier and Adrian in order to have Cassie and Ruby pose as them. At the same time, Marie poses as Elizabeth, and all 3 are trying to trick Alasdair into taking the day off, thus opening up Elizabeth's schedule. Where we are now is: Alasdair accepts the day off, but is confused by something about Rainier (posed by Cassie). Hope that helps!
@Andrew Wolfwood @Unlucky-chan: ELBOWED IN THE BOOB indeed!
@Artic-fox1: the suspense is about to begin :D
@Artic-fox1: Oh really?! It's such a rare last name, i'm intrigued!
@Artic-fox1: We'll find out tomorrow morning!! :O
So excited to see who/what is going to get in the way of Litha's love!
@GellyRoll: Another Doctor Who fan!!!! *excited*