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The Silver League is a Pokemon fanwebsite/league dedicated towards promoting the idea of playing the games they were meant to be played without the use of Hacks, Savs or Gens. Our group is a community of friends who love the franchiese and over time have become quite a cast of characters that have since inspired the stories that compile the "Silver League canon".
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@Ash Maser77: he IS still his own trainer after all, look at Brock and his Zubat
@CsBlastoise: Heeeeeeey... >.<

So about the comic in general... its sorta on hiatus because my life is so busy and sadly the comic gives me NO revenue so... until it can its gotta sit on the back burner.

THAT BEING SAID - I do still update the lore on the SL website and I do sorta plan to do... minis or shorts that flesh out the story in a less linear fashion so other characters can be spotlighted and stuff @.@ All of this is coming in due time and ties in a lot to inspirations from the Ginune War

Now the comic basically does soft retcon to adapt current gen mechanics, with Athena her fear of Dark types did come when she still HAD a weakness.. now its an actual proper phobia based on trauma as oppose to a type chart nod.

But i still wanna find a way to complete the "Season 1" story at the very least...mew
@Tyrunt22: it will eventually its jsut on hiatus cuz im so busy T-T
@Guest: OH yeah I got ALOOOOOOOT of this planned out already
Well here's the cliffhanger I had waiting for ya! He earned the badge but will he accept it at this point?

Yeaaaaah...this is the point when the story really kicks into overdrive with where its all headed... and I feel so bad that this chapter took SO long to wrap up. Between life, my career, and just...time, the comic has definitly hit bottom priority but that's okay because at the end of the day I still enjoy it.

Now the thing is...I have a lot of the assets for Chap 9, the task now is to write it! Lol and this one's gonna be thick with important story points so expect a short delay, and I guees here's a question... If I just put the entire script for Chaps going forward up somewhere for you guys to read, would you like that? Or do you want to wait for the pages? Or would you still read both? I dunno just a thought so I could give people more of the story since as you can see it updates at a Slowbro's pace.

Alas...this was a fun chapter, and the next one's gonna be a goodie.
@Noproblem728: Kirilia are still pretty tiny lol
And so...Silver has officially won and he's pretty happy about it! While Gamer seems unsurprising by the final result given what he just witnessed, so all we need now is that classic Badge Getto pose!
@Guest #2: think of it like this.. Energy Ball is essentially a sponge ball of life force, and water is a source of life so...throw it in a pool of water and the result a massive and sudden absorption party with Kalamari right in the middle of it.
@Guest #2: IT was basically a x4 super effective critical hit - and I'm saying the Crit is coming fromt he fact that Karamari was surrounded in a pool of water with no where to run so the energy ball just absorbed ALL the water and expanded into a MASSIVE force of energy
Some people were able to call it, Athena did indeed learn a new move thanks to TMs before taking on this gym, so yeah her Moveset has been changed around... However at this point is worth noting that Teleport is kinda going to be treated like...its a basic skill that a Ralts or Abra family line of Pokemon simply would never forget... so its less of an attack and more of a way they get around if that makes sense lol

Also...kaboooooooooooom...sort of.
Few! Silver's got one Pokemon left...but apparently he's still got confidence, what's he got up his sleeve? Well he's gonna have to survive the incoming attack because chances are Karamari's gonna be way faster in his natural environment while back a bunch of lucky buffs!
Milotic is out and Gamer's stupid broken luck continues to shine, but with 1 battle ready Pokemon left.. what can Silver possibly do to win this?
Ugh my schdule lately @.@ siiiiiiiiiigh.. but man this page was actually a lot of fun to draw, and hey Sapphire aint about to go down easy even if the odds are quickly turning against her at this point.
Another late page but ugh life's been hitting me hard and the comic is sadly bottom priority cuz...well its basically the one part of SL thats legit for personal fun cuz I can't make any money from it... BUT thats just the buisness side of things... I still love this comic cuz it does help make SL what it is as far as being unique and....I'm just rambling but rest assured guys the comic isn't going anywhere!

Anyways this page shows Silver's odd-ball thinking coming into play...and ignore the possibly logic that the ice might be soft in the pool cuz technically it was warm water....consider it like if you fill up a tub enough the water spreads out to the point that temperature kinda...isn't as hot..and yeah! ...Back to drawing water in the comic...if you notice any inconsistencies in the color...its cause It's been so long since I drew water I semi-forgot how I did it in Chap 4...then remembered the background in chap 4 was a different material so...different colors! ...blarg!
I've been really busy I'm sorry...T-T but hey, seeing you guys discuss what Silver might do next has been interesting! ...and now makes me concerned how you guys will react to how this chapter ends....but we'll see! for now speculate what Silver might be planning!
@deldun57: this was also written, 2011 x.x
Back from my vacation and insanely busy schedule to a STILL insanely busy schedule but this HAD to get an update cuz it got the shaft before my vaca....I'm so sorry T-T anyways yeah, at long last Miltank's redemption battle/near sweep of this gym has come to an end...that said... I'm happy with how Ancient Power looks in the end, so yay!