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Cute! Can't wait for the sequel!
Now who is this????? :) Good page! Thanks for fanservice on the last one!
(With an air of sarcasm) Hmm, I wonder who these new people could be?
Where do you vote? Is there a direct link to the voting page?
That was really good! Can't wait to see what the next tale is!
This. Is so. Cute! Oh my goodness, I can't wait for more!
Why would you think that would work?? You don't randomly kiss a stranger while he's shooting the breeze with you!
This is cuteness!!
Well, he's a little forward isn't he?
Oh punch him Kai.

Bad Clover! Very bad Clover! And here I thought Ren would make a pass, but now here's Clover ... initiating! AGH!
*EXTREME RELIEF SIGH!* Oh thank God! I knew she was too old for him. Oh boy. Stupid other brother who's name escapes me ... Emery? Of course HE'D do anything to nab the cute guy who is clearly into someone else.
I'm gonna hold Ren to that last statement!
His eyes are scaryyyyyy.
No Emery! She looks way older than him! The only cute part of that equation is Eric ... but he's stupid and oblvious. Why is he getting married at 16 when the other brothers aren't? (Or are they?)
Oh no! Poor Clover!
Soooooo good! Can't wait for more!!
Oh no! Poor Clover!