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I like UTAU and Vocaloid, music in general, drawing, sewing, landscaping, violent anime, genderbender manga, and playing bass guitar and piano. I don't like writer's block, going to bed early, my temperamental external hard drive, or watermelon.

Also, I have an abhorrent affinity for alliteration. ...Point proven. ...Twice.
Git ye gone, gurl!
Kenny, bby, you can be honest with me any day ;D
Goodness gracious, Anne's face(s) here make me laugh XD
I just died of laughter, this is wonderful. *crawls into grave, regrets nothing*
Wah, fantastic page! =D Sorry I've been dead. ^^" Been doing NaNoWriMo and now in the middle of moving. Launching a new comic is a good idea! Once I move I plan on finishing up Jansey/Ten's new sheet (simplifying the character, too, haha). AND THEN I SHALL BE BACK FULL-SWING. <3
For the time being, we could have the authors without permissions send one of us the page they want uploaded, and we could post it for them. Are they able to at least post author comments?

Also, who wants to do a page next? :3 I'd like to do a bit of a revamp on Jansey/Ten before I jump in, so if someone else could take the next one that'd be great.
Waaah omg, love love love new outfit. hnnng.
This guy is great. :D Alliteration ftw~!

Reminds me of a time in grade school where we had to make alliterating sentences and I got "Z".
I think my sentence was something like "Zipping, zig-zagging, zany zebra's zip-guns zap Zack zebu's zingy zucchini." The best part was that I got to illustrate it, bwahahha.
September 28th, 2012
We could combine the first two, so that they're all looking for the same object without realizing it. Some might not even realize how important the object is and maybe simply want it for various reasons.

I honestly don't have any ideas myself orz
okay okay okay
so the sound that came out of my mouth just now was not human at all
I mean just alskfjhaksjfhskdfjhs fffuuuuccccckkk, dat ass. And his new outfit is so cool ;A;
I can't wait for this to start up again -rolls around in a puddle of feels-
@lexpallas: So then, who wants to start? x3 (we should probably put it under a new chapter...)
@pucha: Yeah, I've been absent since the last thing I drew for this xD
I wouldn't mind starting over, or even doing a timeskip or something (wherein we make up hypothetical happenings of minor importance). Anything to get the ball rolling again XD
I don't want to be dead ;A; I miss you guys~ I'm totally game to keep going with this. I agree, everyone as such amazing characters I honestly can't choose who I love most XD

So, yeah, I'm still in ;w;
Yes, I missed you :D :D :D
I love how she's not like, "why am I naked?" or "who are you?" -- her reaction is much better. XD
His face in the last panel... *le melts*
lololol, oh Kenneth, always such a charmer <3
In my head cannon, that last speech bubble reads: "Stupid sexy Flanders"
Keeps his pants ON, and walks away from the flying panties. ='D I'm so proud of him.
She's got her pinky up. That's classy. ;D