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Leaf/Blue is quite the troll, isn't she? XD
Anyone wanna guess who's behind that door? XD
This page is a little old, but I hope you enjoy it nontheless.
Also, if you want a comic page like this for $9, then you're welcome to commission me :D.
This was on DA, and i thought i'd upload it here. ^^
Oh! And if anyone is interested, I take commissions like this, and the comic pages that range from $3-$9. Check it out here,
Aren't they cute as lil kids? I think White's mom looks the best.

Anyways, the quality and style is a bit different here because it's one of my first time linearting a page (without linework tool, of course) aaaand this is pretty old (about 3 months or so). Aside from that, I hope you guys enjoy it ^^
its okay. cuz he is terrible and annoying!
Hi Gaiz
So here's chapter 1 cover, because I didn't want you guys to wait two weeks for the first page. Next update is on Thursday.

And if you like shoujo fancomics like this one, or ferriswheelshipping, check out my both of my friends' comics!

Edit: im terribly sorry about the quality... I forgot to change my canvas size when i was coloring/linearting >.< I feel so stupid!
@elmocrazy: It's cuz I only have a cover... with colors.
I dont see an author's comment gaiz... And do your blog
Finally you updated, you buttface! THIS SHOULDA BEEN UPDATED A WEEK AGO!
@shreego: Thanks so much XP I hope you'll like it!
Hi gaiiz
I hope you guys like it ^.^
I dont own any pokemon characters...
@iam-hungry: Yes... I did copy and paste my DA comment.
Hi Gaiz... IDK what to say cuz I already saw this... so haiii gaaiz.
It's next week today. WHERE IS THE NEXT PAGE?!?!?!
Makin babies....

i heart Jimmy! and Gold... i dont care about Ethan though... idk him like that
FINALLY YOU UPDATED! YUNO UPDATE AGAIN?!?!?! (referring to the peace out page btw... not this one. GET 8 OUT)
This is amazing.... no... it's beyond amazing. White... she's so smooth. the best way to get a man? grab his arm and rub it against ur boobs when he's distracted. and those plasma peoples are quite amazing.
@ReaperofttheNight: What do you mean? You're the one who convinced me to quit. I was reluctant, remember? and you were like "YOUR COMIC IS FOREVER ALONE! GIVE UP ON LIFE!" and im like "BOO HOO! OKAY!"