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Well, I was referred to this site by a friend who wanted me to read his comic (In case you were wondering, the comic was Smashfan's World Conquest. It's a pretty cool comic. Check it out. Become a fan.). Then I started browsing around and became a Nekolyte (it's what the author of Neko the Kitty calls his avid readers). I've been thinking of doing my own comic, but so far I don't have the time, inspiration, or the means necessary for a hand-drawn comic (I refuse to sprite. Some sprite comics are pretty good, I would just rather draw).

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Alice shark is the best thing
I've never really read a whole lot of print comics, and the only two webcomics I keep up with anymore are this one and Between Failures which is an excellent bit of work about people who work in a failing retail store.

I really hope you get to feeling better soon, though. You do great work.
So, are you not selling the "I did nothing this week" t-shirts anymore? I lost mine a while back and I was going to replace it and all the shirts are different.
Alice: Asking the important questions since... a long time ago.
It looks like if Neko leans just right, he'll fall straight off the front of the couch. As kitties do.
Oh hey, the narrative is back!
I love that you acknowledge time gaps and things.
That is so precious!
But, I'm sorry that you lost a kitty, Agen. :(
So, are you still working on this?
@DrakeFeatherwing: That's the one I got (in navy blue), plus a purple ADVENCHA shirt.
I broke down and bought a couple NtK t-shirts.
I'm awful at these games...
I found 19. The unknown location of the last one is driving me completely insane.
@Bob: He's the little brother of the vampire Strange went to talk to earlier.
@Blackliight: ..... You mean Greymon?
I like to think Gar is down there and Neko will land safely on his groin.
Atty won't have any problem training DT. The only reason Ash had issues with his charmeleon is because he got it from a trade. They aren't all spiteful and belligerent.
@NtKGar: I've always liked to write, so I've been trying to come up with a pseudonym for myself because my actual name isn't very memorable, and it doesn't roll off the tongue well. No luck.

I must say, though. You are a pretty cool dude.
@NtKGar: I love your signature! :D
@NtKGar: I always thought that the notch in Keno's ear was put there so we could better tell the difference between Neko and Keno when the strip was in black and white. All we had to begin with was eye shape...
Artist's Bump
Since we're all sharing where our artist's bumps are, mine is on my thumb, and I have a tough patch on the top of my pinky finger.
I love the colored pencil. It has a nice, warm feel to it. And a very rustic one.

I love Keno. He's so peculiar. :)

An NtK coloring book would be fantastic. I don't think they would be too difficult to make, either. They might get slightly expensive depending on how you do it, but probably not so much that the price would have to be outrageous to make a profit.
December 6th, 2012
@KibblesNbits: Understandable. I'm glad you continued with this story. I was interested to see where it would go.