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Felix Wind
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majin buu got out i can too
Child's Sword pls?
Jesus, it must feel weird having a mouth like that.
Can't wait to see Amber pull off a fighting scene. Welcome back to Smackjeeves.
One Velocidrome Bite please! :3
And so the gears are in motion...


Those reiterations of the conversation are hilarious too.
You should do one fox with all da hair/tail styles. I love these. xD
feel like we should just revive it; eliminate the current plot issue(s) with a few more comics and then continue on
I feel like 1 or 2 is better suited
so like
is it another story about those from season one?
Everyone else kinda covered it but I will say

I like the way the tail is shaded so keep that; however I don't think it works for the rest of the body.
Hell yeah that came out amazingly.. Couldn't have done better myself. Now the only think I'm confused on is this area here:

Is there something on his side or is that supposed to help show off his arm or
maybe im retarded
I'm back again; and I bring you all news of one of the most amazingly crafted sprite comics on Smackjeeves.

Gear: The Takedown! Go check it out:

P.S: He's accepting cameos!

As for the future of my own comic and such -- well, I'll bring news of that soon.