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I like doing a lot of things. I have a few hobbies. I love my cat, my rat, and my guitar more than life itslef for they are that much more specialer than you. Yeah I'll shurt up now....
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Ah, did Jesse's, Adam's apple give them away? Haha I guess I'll just have to wait and find out. I love this comic X3
Awww, this might just be my favorite page at the moment X3 And aww, they both need a big bear hug
Aww, kitty TT-TT That's terrible *owns three and is therefore too sad to laugh at the chinese food comment*
Oh god that's about the most amazing thing I've seen all day! XD I love it
It looks like he's trying to do it through their clothes... << I'll be quiet but it is kinda sad that this actually happens =(
I love how the ine guy's playing the Wii in it XD Made me happy