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I'm just a comic-making, vidja game loving crazy cat lady who lives in Vermont. And if you ask me what state that's in, I'm gonna hit you.
Sorry, guys. The fun part about finals week is that I forget about everything else, including uploading pages in advance.
@SoulRaider116: It's a different scene with a different character. :)
Oh man, I love that last panel.
Bed head!
Whoops! Again, I forgot to upload the page ahead of time. Sorry.
Hey, we're in chapter 3! Guess that means I need to get off my butt and draw some more comic pages.
@SoulRaider116: Also, so I don't have to shave my legs!!!
@Xanedis: At least a little xD
@Xanedis: Haha, thanks.
@Xanedis: Being a teenage boy, maybe xD I'm sure it'll come up later on.
@Xanedis: You're fairly close! He does some karate from time to time. :)
@SoulRaider116: That would be the best response ever |D
Whoops! Looks like I forgot to upload this week's pages on time. Sorry!
@M-24: Ewww o.0

@SoulRaider116: Dude. What the actual fuck. I'm sorry that happened to you.
@SoulRaider116: Oh man, that's gross xD I always thought my high school bio dissection days were gross, but nope. You win.
When all else fails, gross her out with a dead frog.
Chapter 2 begins!
Wahoo! That's the end of chapter 1!
Awkward silence!