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I'm just a comic-making, vidja game loving crazy cat lady who lives in Vermont. And if you ask me what state that's in, I'm gonna hit you.
Awkward silence!
That's one way to answer the question.
No more lunch for you, only getting yelled at by your pretend friend :(
@StanleyComics: Well...he should... xD
Looks like KS was spotlit! Dunno how it happened, but thank you SJ admins! <3 And welcome, new readers.
Don't yank her by the arm, that will hurt!
@SoulRaider116: Haha yeah. He is a little jerk. But hey! He's getting beat up :P
@SoulRaider116: Being a crabby teen is a tough job, but someone's got to do it. |D
Man, my arms hurt just looking at Sean trying to get out of that.
Makeout sessions while a dude is tied up in the other room. Super kinky.
@M-24: High school is Serious Stuff™ worth fighting over. :D
Merry Christmas, to anyone who's celebrating it.
Kick to the face!
@M-24: Haha, I suspect this isn't the first time they've been pushed into doing this by Kakon.
I like how this page turned out.
I guess she really doesn't want to re-take that test.
Push him out of the way!
Oh, hey Yasha.
Well. I did not expect her to do that at all. o.0