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Hi, I'm Whispatchet, but feel free to just call me Whis. I live in Australia, my favourite food is pasta and I hate driving although it is necessary.

I'm hoping that having a comic up here will encourage me to update my comics more often :D
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Sorry for the delay!
Happy Birthday Delta!
It's my little brother's birthday today. Happy Birthday bro.
May your next year have somewhat less nagging from Mum and me about getting a job. I love you, you lazy ass bum <3
Have I mentioned I hate drawing Hale? I hate drawing Hale.
Too cute!
I am so re-colouring Sniper from the last panel for use as an icon. So very much so.
No, there isn't any furniture in the Mann Co. foyer. I hate backgrounds. I am quite terrible at their construction.
Luckily neither Saxton Hale or the Cougar will be regular characters. I don't like drawing either of them. :\
I like the colours. I think I might keep doing it this way. :D
That's right, MISTAKE IS BACK! It may or may not have been about three years. I'm sorry. I'm sorry!! I am making a backlog. I will be better this time!
September 10th, 2012
Wishing for more aminals! :D
Chapter's end!
Welp, that's it for chapter one!! :D
I haven't worked out how to draw aforementioned Hale yet, so, Chapter 2 will start next Wednesday. So, no comic this Sunday.
I'm also thinking of changing the style a little for the next chapter. We'll see. We'll see.

:D Thanks for reading this far, everyone
Last one for today
There is your three to make up for missing Sunday. I'll try and make a buffer now.

This chapter is nearly over! Am I the only one who didn't realise that until just now?
Stupid Clock
I promised you three pages, and damnit I'm putting three pages up! One more to go.

Oh poor gullible Sniper. He doesn't know that Medic is in the country illegally, he doesn't realise that the German guy who has been threatening him with a saw for the last half hour can't ACTUALLY go to the police about his illegally owned weapon. Oh, he's so cute and naive :D
Sorry for the delay
You guys get three comics to make up for it. Am inking the other two right now :D
Changed my mind. Thought bubbles are now black with white text.

Freaky flashback bubbles will be fuzzy black with white text and echoes. **nod**
I took the advice of one of my readers and made the lines thicker. Better? Worse?

Also, I hope it's obvious that the wobbly bubble at the end there is a thought bubble... >__>
@Lui: LOL! Well put! :D
You may notice I'm updating on Wednesdays now too! :3 Funny what a little motivation can do for people. :)
This one I lined in photoshop instead of just using the paper sketch. Not sure if I like it or not.
YAY on time
And we're back on schedule! Now let's see if I can keep it that way :D