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I like trains (to be filled out later)
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That is one beautiful dragon thing
August 3rd, 2012
times like this make me hate the fact that I can't stand ABBA
@Lockmaster24: But Brent is his real name, if you go by last names. Atticus Brent.


I really want to hug George right now.
Spread your wings and fly away. Fly away. Far away. (Going outside may be a good idea first)
5 bucks says it will barely take one page.
He may not be good, but dammit he isn't terrible.
Looked at this, laughed like hell. Calmed down, Looked again, laughed like hell again.
Oh the hilarity!

Somehow I get the feeling that if I knew you in real life I'd either really like you or really hate you.
Gravity... We meet again.

Gravity pro: It keeps you on the ground
Gravity con: It makes you hurtle towards the ground when you are not on it and it and it has a tendency to cause pain when you make that little stop at the end.

It's true in Real life, and It's true in Zelda, and I still have trouble with falling even at that exact point in OOT
I found this comic earlier this week, and I'm loving it more than I should.

Man, I wish I could draw like this.
Oh dear lord, I just got Navi's joke at the beginning.
I couldn't figure this out at first. All I knew was that if I got close it would disappear and that its aim sucked.

Then it almost hit me and I tried the shield.

At least scrubs aren't the reason I've never beaten OOT