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Hiya! My name is Novan Ankh!

My hobbies include:

Pokemon (Hail, Arceus!), Reading (Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Charlie Bone, LOTR, and Narnia FTW!), and Homestuck (Man, the End of Act 5 flash was so awesome, that the raw awesomeness made me cry).
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Oh dear Ra anything but THAT again...
oh dear Ra...
And the Fandom Rejoiced!
A raspberry-colored Javanese. Dominant ability is Shadow, with a recessive of shape-shifting.

Sweet. :)
"Password accepted"
Atty: I'm going to give you three secods to return that before you have an unfortunate "accident"
So... who else saw that coming like a giant neon light to the face?
I'm getting a very strong will o' the wisp vibe from the jellies...
Hmm... *subtly reaches for a dagger*
Hmmm... IDK why, but my brain is sending up danger signals about black n white people in what's clearly a magic-infused location... when normally that would make the people be in color as well...
A happy Homestuck Day to everyone!
Is... that Shave and a Haircut?

Ah! The color it BURNS! (at least you only switched from greyscale than just white with black lines like Maggot Boy did...
@CrowWingedAngel: No prob! *thumbsup*
"threw a party", I think you mean?
Atty: I could do better with both hands tied behind my back while blindfolded and holding the pencil with my FOOT.
Awww, I almost wanna pet him on the head and give him a cookie!
Wasn't tht tree supposed to be in the Garden of Eden? Where humans aren't allowed to go into anymore?
This club is oh SO VERY LUCKY Dragonthing ain't here...
Looks like George is too used to Rat's depressed ear-torn appearance.
@arswiss That, and humans aren't allowed in the Garden after God kicked Adam and Eve out.