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Broken Radio
Yes. I am Xanden Man the Assasin coming back to reek my epic randomness and awesomeness to every comic I go to. I have come back after a year, and I have to say: "LETS DO THIS THING!!!" (Lazy, I'll update rest laterz)
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Broken Radio
December 14th, 2011
*Cries* its so sad...halloween lost!
Broken Radio
December 14th, 2011
^ what I thought.

No its a dream within a lie within another world within a time paradox within a dream.
I'd like xandne to show up and turns things akward.

Like always.


Xanden comes from a rare race called Drunks, who after a fight get stronger and also can easily transform. Xanden's home planet was somehow destroyed and he crash landed on...well the planet this story is on. He then learned from master mustache, and when he died he moved on to make his own fighting style, "Yotta senshi no kobushi", based off rapid random attacks and counters. Xanden has to power to reform, stretch his body as far as he likes at will, shoot powerful energy attacks and alter reality (this can not be done like a god mod, but more in sorta "cartoon" way. If you know what Bo-bobo is then you know what I'm talking about).

Xanden often acts odd and werid. Even childish at times. But underneath all that is a bad-ass warrior who loves to destroy whatever he can. He loves to kill anything and everything as well, and loves a good fight.

(I'd like to him to be evil and then slowly become good).
Good job, Sonic hero.

Also, I plan on cmaeoing soon! ^_^
Xander ism y real name so I was confused! XD
Can you draw Xanden? PLZ?
Broken Radio
December 7th, 2011
> Look for something useful in the room. If you find nothing, imagine something useful is in the room and put that in your imaginary Inventory.
Broken Radio
December 7th, 2011
Stare teacup down.
Teacup cuppyson the 3rd
> Throw teacup at table knowing that it talked about you rudely behind your back. Then nicely punch the table in the face like a true gentlemen.
> throw tea at table. After that, tackle the table in half with your forehead.
I'll join. My com. is acting up so I'll finish it by tomorrow, knowing it takes me a day to make a page if I make time for it. I got it all planed out.

Make way fighters. Xanden the insane Asian Jelly/ pryomanic is about to enter and take ya all on!
I'll do same as Zach.
Micheal Jackson Back to Life?
I'm in. I'll try out!